Our Forever Home - Outside & Garage

Our outdoor area is one of our favourite features of our home, and as it comes straight off our living area, we practically live outside (when it isn't 40 degrees lol!) We have a covered outdoor area with a outdoor dining table, which leads onto a 'soft-fall' area (excellent for kids!) and our backyard. I just love our view!!

We have lots of outdoor sports equipment that are kept in these mini sulo bins (about $15 each from cheap shops). 

The girl's love this mini slide they got for Christmas, their bubble car, motorbike, car, lawn mower and scooter (all second-hand or given to us!)

We were very generously given this amazing trampoline, which took 6 guys to lift it onto the back of a truck to get it here! (That view!!)

We love eating outside, and this little IKEA picnic table ($69) is super cute and handy for the kids. 

It's such a nice, relaxing and practical space to be active and enjoy the outdoors!

Next up is our garage. We are aiming for pretty minimal stuff in here so that our cars always fit. Even though we have another shed, I wanted a few of my tubs to be accessible. 

The door to the left leads into the mudroom, which is the perfect spot for dumping our bags when we get home. 

In the top left corner I have 2 party tubs, 3 Christmas tubs, a laundry basket (I'm still deciding whether to keep or pass on), and a Christmas tree bag. 

In the top right corner we have the girl's clothes tubs, and my maternity clothes tubs. Brendan also has his bike and some other random things of his, plus our single pram and beach chairs. 

I have stored my girl's clothes like this since Miss M was born, and love that they keep the clothes away from dust and bugs, and water (as under our old house flooded once, but these tubs protected everything inside!) I have 7 tubs so far in sizes 0000-4. Miss M is currently wearing size 2 & 3, but I buy clothes in the next size up on clearance, so it's ready to go if she has a growth spurt, and I save money on buying a whole new wardrobe for her each year. It was nice to be able to hand-down Miss M's clothes to Miss O; she is currently in size 1. 

Outside & Garage done - last but not least is the master bedroom! 

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