Coconut Ice Easter Eggs

Here’s something different you could make for Easter - coconut ice chocolate eggs!

My mum first came across this recipe years ago and I’ve been making to make it for awhile now. I’m not sure where the original came from but here’s the recipe (written on a gorgeous Padtastic notepad!):

Excuse some of the darker photos as I made this at night. You’ll need icing sugar, desicated coconut, vanilla, yellow food colouring, copha, chocolate melts (you could use white, milk or dark) and a tin of condensed milk. This is definitely not healthy but is a yummy treat! They are very sweet so you don’t need to make the eggs too big.

Firstly add the first 4 ingredients to the bowl - icing sugar, coconut, vanilla & condensed milk - and mix well. Mine was a little bit sticky so I added a bit more coconut.

Then the recipe says to place a quarter of the mixture in another bowl so you can add the yellow food colouring to make the ‘yolk’ of the egg - I’d actually do a bit less than a quarter as I ended up with not enough egg ‘white.’

I placed the two bowls in the fridge while I melted the choc melts & copha, and then rolled the yolks - I rolled 16 small balls as I made a half-batch of the recipe but then combined one later on so I had 15. Once the yellow is rolled, roll the white around the yellow. Then using a spoon dip into the chocolate. I had plenty of chocolate left over so I did a double dip once it was a little bit set. Place on an oven rack or tray/plate covered in baking paper and refrigerate/freeze overnight.

It's very messy work haha! 

The finished product looks just like the centre of an egg - so cool!

Delicious and super easy!

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