Thermomix Lovin' and Meal Planning

Late last year I held a Thermomix party for a friend who had just started as a consultant. She cooked us some amazing food, and I was instantly sold, but was very unsure about whether we could afford the big price tag. She contacted me again when interest free for 12 months was introduced... and to cut a long story short, I am now the very proud owner of a Thermomix!
It has literally changed our lives. I love to bake but have never enjoyed cooking main meals. There seems to be so much effort for a few minutes of eating time, and then you have to clean up anyway! 

 I love to experiment (I've just found this out!) and the Thermomix is perfect for this - there are excellent groups on Facebook (I love the TM5 Hints and Tips page, as well as 'Skinnymixers') where people share hints and tips and of course lots of recipes! I have made things I have never thought of making from scratch, or never would have bothered! 

I mostly use ours for main meals, and have discovered some easy and delicious meals that have become our favourites. My absolute favourite is Quirky's Paprika Chicken. Click on the link for the recipe. Here is our meal from a few nights ago - 

I change the rice to mashed potato and don't make the veggies in the varoma (steamer) either - I haven't mastered this yet! I tend to overcook them... 

Other main meals I love are Apricot Chicken, Risotto, Porcupine Meatballs, Sausage Rolls, Pasta, Curried Sausages, Homemade beef and vegetarian patties for rissoles and burgers, Mango Chicken, Honey Mustard Chicken, Satay Chicken and the list goes on! They can all be found on the 'Recipe Community.'

Because winters are so cold where we live, I love to make at least one pot of soup a week. My favourite at the moment is Sweet Potato and Lentil Soup. Yum. 

I have started to meal plan too, which is saving us money and saving me time at the Supermarket, all things I need more of now that I have a 6 month old! 
I wrote down every meal I enjoy eating (and cooking). Then I split these into categories (e.g. chicken, beef, vegetarian etc.) and divided these into weeks (so every week has 2 chicken meals [because there are so many!], 1 mince meal, 1 other meat, 1 vegetarian etc.) I have ended up with a meal plan for 2 months! It's so nice at the start of each week to sit down and be able to just write out the ingredients for my shopping list without having to think about what to have. I've taken some photos of my current planner, which is looking a little worse for wear! I need to update it when I get a chance! 
I will be adding some slow cooker meals as well, as I plan to head back to work (high school casual teaching) next term, and will need to be super-prepared. 

Of course some nights when we can't be bothered having a proper meal, Brendan will get a chicken cashew stirfry from our local Thai Restaurant, and sometimes we just eat cereal or toast! (Cereal is secretly one of my favourite things to eat!)

The Thermomix is also brilliant for snacks, sweets, baby food and generally just making anything from scratch and ensuring you know what is in your food, which seems way more important to me now that I've had a baby!

I'm sure you'll hear lots more on the blog at later dates about what I've been up to with my Thermomix!

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