Hello and welcome! 

This is my first blog and I'm excited to get started. I have always wanted to write a blog but sort of never felt I had much to share! 
Lately I've stumbled across lots of 'mummy' and 'organising' blogs - two things I love! I'm a first time mum to my 6 month old daughter Miss M, and it is honestly the best and hardest thing I've ever had the pleasure of doing! Since having Miss M in December last year, I have had to adjust to life at home without a full-time job to occupy my time. It's been a blast! My husband Brendan and I own a lovely renovated 3-bedroom home in Northern NSW in a small country town. I've loved decorating and changing and renovating it to make it our home. 
I can't wait to share our little life, and a snapshot of my life as a mum, an organiser, a teacher (when I head back to work!), and my hits and misses in the kitchen. It's a simple life but it's fun and I love it.

Happy reading! 
Sarah x

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