A much needed week away!

Last week we packed the car and headed to Forster-Tuncurry for a week's holiday with our friends. We had previously stayed with them in their Gran's unit at Tuncurry in September last year when I was pregnant, and we had a very relaxing, fun time away, and when they asked us if we'd like to go again we jumped at the chance. We got a cheap unit that was right across from the water at Tuncurry, and down the road from Gran's unit. The unit had amazing views, and was clean and neat and tastefully decorated. 

How good is this view?!

Being off-peak season (winter) at the coast, there was hardly anyone around, which I loved! We had a really relaxing week, but also got to do a few fun activities as well. My friend and I walked with our babies either in carriers or in their prams along the path along the river to the breakwall that leads to the beach - about a half an hour walk up and back, which is just beautiful. We had ice creams at the cafe near the beach. We walked down the main street and went shopping, and one morning we ventured out to Kmart at Forster, where I spent the last of my maternity leave money (whoops! - I just love Kmart too much!). One morning we left Miss M with our friend while I went for a bike ride behind Brendan who went for a run, as he is training for a marathon. He is very fit, and I had to ride hard to keep up with him! It was really fun, and definitely makes me want to get out on my bike more! 

At nights we played cards or Buzz on the Playstation, and chatted and laughed lots. Miss M was surprisingly easy to holiday with, especially being in a unit with lots of space. She seemed to enjoy it too! We are keen to head back at least once a year, and to make this our family holiday spot. It's well worth a visit!

I'll leave you with more photos of beautiful Tuncurry...

Can't wait to go back!

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