Mummy stuff - Buying for baby!

  Preparing for a baby's arrival is so exciting, and buying all the baby clothes and accessories was definitely something I enjoyed a lot while waiting for Miss M to enter the world! 

  We chose to buy a new car seat and pram, but purchased all our nursery furniture off local buy swap and sell sites, and we have ended up with some great items at an affordable price. Miss M's cot, cupboard and chest of drawers are white, and the change table is cream (I do wish it was white, but it was only $25, has lots of storage, is plastic so it can be easily cleaned, and has a baby bath under the table! It's actually been excellent!) We painted her room a light grey and added in teal curtains, and then some wall decals, pink bunting, a pink mat, some teal and pink cushions on the single bed in there, some pink framed prints, and a white shelf. It's definitely my favourite room in our house :) 

  Here are some pics of her nursery - 

  I used to have a large dirty clothes basket, but found I wouldn't even come close to filling it with 
Miss M's tiny clothes. I've since decided to use the pink plastic bucket (below) and it takes up a lot less space, and works well. 

  Miss M was in her bassinet until 6 months of age - she still doesn't roll over, but was definitely beginning to outgrow the space in the bassinet! Plus I wanted more space in her nursery. 

   As far as what I have actually used since having Miss M, here is my list of essentials: 

  1.Love to dream swaddles (I found these so much more effective than wrapping - Miss M still sleeps in hers at 7 months old, and while they are expensive new, I have been able to purchase them secondhand in excellent condition for a fraction of the price - completely worth every cent though!) 

  2. Bonds wondersuits (I often see these on special in Coles and Woolies, and Best n Less as well - Miss M lives in these! I especially like the double zip to access her nappy) 

  3. Aldi Nappies and Aldi wipes (by far the cheapest and actually quite good quality - Miss M has never leaked or had a reaction to the wipes) 

  4. Singlet suits that button up underneath (the other singlets roll up) 

  5. A manual breast pump (I loaned the hospital's electric double pump, and it seemed to take forever! I purchased my manual pump, and it has been so handy - to express for a bottle for Miss M, when you get engorged or feel a blocked duct coming on - it's easily portable when you go on holidays, and I feel that I can pump a lot quicker than the electric ones which keep a steady speed)

  Other essentials include...

  6. Lots of dummies and a dummy clip or two (only if you plan to use dummies, Miss M loves hers but each to their own!) 

  7. Old cloth nappies as spew rags (Miss M was a spewer!) 

  8. Nappy rash cream (I like sudocream) and curash powder

  9. Nappy bags ($2 from the reject shop!) 

  10. Hair brush (I love brushing Miss M's hair straight after a bath)

  11. Some headbands (not as many as I thought though, just a few for special occasions) 

  12. Sanitiser 

  13. Cotton wool (it was very handy recently when Miss M had conjunctivitis!) 

  14. Washers 

  15. Baby towels, although a full sized towel works exactly the same, if not better

  16. Socks 

  17. Mittens, although two pairs would have been fine, not 10! 

  18. A beanie or two

  19. Muslin wraps (not for wrapping but to cover the pram to stop the sun in the pram in summer)

  20. Warm blankets for the bassinet and cot 

  21. Big items: change table (some don't use their change table for very long, but I have used mine for every nappy change when I'm at home - I love that it is at the correct height, and that all the essentials are stored in the side or underneath), cot, bassinet, somewhere to store clothes, pram (I love my steelcraft agile - easy to steer and folds up small), car seat (I was about to buy mine half price when Target had a sale - it is Mother's Choice brand and has been excellent)

  22. Baby carrier (I love Manduca the best - is a real life saver on holidays, and when you need to get chores done sometimes!) 

  23. Capsule (I didn't use one, but I can see how useful they would be so as not to wake the baby when transferring from the car to the house (not impossible to do without though) 


  Things I didn't end up needing or using for very long:

  24. Bath support 

  25. Our baby bath came as part of the change table and I was thankful when Miss M was a newborn but from about 4 months, I just bathed her in the regular bath, with just enough water 

  26. Baby shoes are super cute but I've found they are annoying to get off when you need to change their nappy, and they tend to fall off and get lost 

  27. Bath toys are only now becoming of interest to Miss M, but it's too cold to keep her in the bath for long to play anyway! I can't wait until she can play in the bath though. 

  28. Breastfeeding pillow - I didn't even use a pillow once I was home from the hospital

  29. Soft toys - Miss M does play with hers but I bought far too many. Even if you have lots of cool toys, they tend to want to play with the remote control for the TV instead 

  30. Dresses for newborn girls - while they can look adorable, in my opinion they are so impractical for young babies. On the days when I am just at home a lot of the day, there's no way I bother with a dress, a suit is much easier. Again though, each to their own (and yes, they are super cute though).

  31. A special container for sterilising - Miss M used bottles for a few weeks for top-ups while we both got used to breastfeeding, but I just used a big container I already had with some Milton tablets. If you are formula feeding though, you may need a different set-up for sterilising and making up bottles of course. 

  32. Too many baby activity stations - Miss M is only just interested in these, and I'm glad we are borrowing rather than buying these - they take up so much space and often babies are only interested for a short time 

  I'm sure if and when I have more children, there will be more added to this list! It's definitely an eye-opener once you actually have a baby, and as everyone says, no-one and nothing can prepare you! 

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