Declutter & Organise Part 2 - The Laundry

In Declutter & Organise Part 1, I had made a list of all the things that needed to be sorted, chucked and cleaned. Guess what?! I have finished a page of items, just by doing 2 things everyday. 

The 4th drawer in my kitchen is still a work in progress. I have all our warranties and instructions manuals in there, and right now it is a mess of paper. I need to buy a folder to store these in. 
I am now onto the 2nd page of my list. 
Today I tackled the laundry!

This is my laundry. As you can see, there is quite a bit of storage, which I love. The only thing I would change is a bit of extra room so that I could fit our dryer in there - it is currently in our garage. 

It looks clean and tidy doesn't it? Well generally, the areas you can see, are easy to keep tidy. My cupboards however, are a different story! 

This is the cupboard above the bench, as you can see, a bit cluttered and unorganised. 

This is the cupboard below the bench - a nightmare! 

This is the top of the tall cupboard, where I keep old towels, my iron, tablecloths, serving platters and games. 

This is the bottom of the tall cupboard, which I use for more pantry space, and down the bottom is a clothes basket. I love that I can fit my brooms, mops and vacuum cleaner easily in this cupboard. 

So how do you go about decluttering and organising? The easiest way I find is to make sure you have a space where you can do your sorting. Decide on one cupboard or shelf to start, and pull everything out of the cupboard. Clean over the shelf. 

This is just the contents of the bottom shelf of the cupboard above the bench. I gave the shelf a wipe and the placed the items I use all the time back in neatly. Chuck out as much as you can. I did the same for the 2nd and 3rd shelf. 

Here is the finished product. In the bottom left hand corner I have 3 baskets - 1 with toothbrushes and a scrubbing brush that I use to clean with, the next one has cleaning cloths, and the 3rd has gardening items. I have all my cleaning products next (with the ones I use the most at the front, and the ones I don't use as much behind). 

On the next shelf are my card boxes, paper towels, and more cleaning products. 
On the top shelf are some vases, my popcorn maker, a cleaning caddy and a lunch bag. 

Next I tackled the cupboard under the bench. Here's the finished product.

We keep tools we use all the time around the house here, as well as BBQ tools, some car cleaning items and my mop bucket. 

Here's the top of the tall cupboard all day - it wasn't too hard, just needed some rearranging. I still don't like how my platters and trays are stacked on top of each other. 

 Here's the pantry cupboard organised. In the tin basket in the top left, I have now stored some potatoes and onions, as I have to purchase something to put these in. I had been storing them on a trolley in the kitchen, until we moved the trolley to our sunroom. It gets far too hot for any food in there, so I've had to move them. 

Once I had finished all the cupboards, I wiped over the bench, wiped down the sink and the outside of the cupboards, and then I swept the floor. I decided to mop the floor and then give it a good scrub, before giving it another mop. 

I think my laundry is now the cleanest room in my whole house! 


  1. Wow Sarah! Want to come and help me clean and organise my house?


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