Mummy stuff - lactation cookies and teething necklaces

A first time mum never stops learning! We are also given lots of advice we have to constantly sort through. Some of it is very helpful, and some is ridiculous. I am a big believer in doing what works for you, but also to get advice from trusted sources. I also like to listen to what has worked for other mothers, as they have 'been there, done that!' 

Something that has worked for me are lactation cookies. I had never even heard of these until a friend of mine baked me some for when I was in hospital after I had Miss M. I must admit I was sceptical, but they have really worked for me! They are said to boost milk production for breastfeeding, and each time I have made them, I have seen excellent results. 

The recipe I use is from - find the recipe here! 
I made some just yesterday and added sultanas and choc chips. They are delicious! 
 The active ingredients to boost milk supply are brewers yeast (which you cannot substitute for normal yeast) and flaxseed (or LSA). I found my brewer's yeast at Big W, which looks like this -

I also wanted to talk about my cousin's new business called 'Two Little Teeth.' She makes food grade, non-toxic, BPA free silicone and organic maple wood teething necklaces. They are super cute, stylish, well-priced and my daughter has also given them the thumbs up - she loves to grab hold of or chew on these, and have been good for her sore gums. 

Here is the one I purchased called 'Daisy' - 

Head over to 'Two Little Teeth' by clinking on the link. 
While you are there, check out my cousin's blog - Han Made Stuff.  My cousin and I are only 5 months apart, and we now both have daughters who are 6 weeks apart. It's fun talking about mummy stuff with her! 


  1. I've made lactation cookies a couple times and found them to boost my supply too. Thanks for the blog/business mention. And I love talking mum stuff with you too :)


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