Organise & Declutter Part 3 - The Sunroom

This is our sunroom, which you step down into off our kitchen, and which leads out to a deck that my husband built. It is a bright, sunny room. When we bought our house, it already had a floating floor, and was painted yellow like the outside of the house. This room is already organised and decluttered, and is more of a 'tour of the sunroom' type post. 


In the past two and a half years, we haven't changed much in this room, but have recently changed the room's purpose.
When we made our small lounge and dining rooms one big loungeroom, we moved the dining table out to the sunroom, so that it became a seperate dining space. Before that, as you can see above, we had a small table and a lounge, but we rarely used the room (occasionally for a cup of tea, or to lay on the lounge in the sun). My plan was to make it a kids playroom/toyroom later on, but we desperately needed a larger loungeroom (more about that in future posts!)

This is our sunroom now:
The window looks back into our kitchen, and in the future we may build a bench just under the window to create a servery area. 
Brendan has painted the room grey to match the outside of our house - dark grey on this wall, and a lighter grey on the others. 
I found these folding directors chairs at a garage sale, and have painted them a dark grey, and added the red cushion. 
The trolley is just from the reject shop, and matches our kitchen well - it used to be in the kitchen. I'm not 100% sure what I want to do with it yet, but I quite like it, so don't want to sell or chuck it out just yet. 
The pictures in the frames are cut out of gift bags I found at a local $2 shop. 

We put the grey blockout curtains up, as the room gets really hot in summer and really cold in winter, due to all the windows. 
Brendan has also put insulation in the roof. 
The dining table and chairs are mismatched, but are a work in progress (my husband sanded back the table and chairs and has painted them). We would like an 8-seater table in here eventually. 

I love this futon lounge, especially the dark grey. There are still old louvres and blinds in here, but they are very practical, and let lots of breeze through, and I like a bit of old character. 

This room used to be very cluttered and a dumping ground for anything and everything. We had a heap of sporting equipment, but we moved that to our garden shed. We are attempting to keep it as minimalist as possible now, which makes it a much nicer space to be in. 
I try to keep on top of this room, and have as little as possible in here to make it easy to clean.

Brendan's plans in the future are to raise the floor to match the rest of the house, and put bi-fold doors in where the sliding door is, to open up the room onto the deck. I'll keep you posted!

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