When sickness takes over...

Ever since we arrived back from being on holidays, Miss M and I have sick. It has now been over 7 days, and thankfully, it seems we are both getting better. We've been in lockdown at home for a week, which hasn't been fun! It started out as a miserable cold, and has turned into the flu, with Miss M being hit the hardest. She has had a runny nose like a tap, diarrhoea, coughing, conjunctivitis, and seemed to have lost her appetite. On Thursday evening she woke from a nap and her cough had changed into more of a bark, and she appeared to be struggling to breathe. I knew it wasn't an emergency, but headed up to the hospital anyway in case it was croup. 

There was no one there when I arrived, but 2 others quickly emerged, and were let in before us, with more severe complaints. It was an hour and a half before we saw the doctor (which was fine, and Miss M was happy playing, but I was so tired), and I played him the video of Miss M's coughing fits, and he checked her over and said she had a chest infection. Poor bubba! Thankfully it seems to be easily fixed with some steroid medication which only has to be taken for 3 days. 

She seems to be a lot brighter and happier today, which is nice after many days without even so much as a smile! It's really tough seeing someone you love so much be unwell and unhappy. She has had lots of cuddles over the past week.

I'm almost better now too. I've used around 7 boxes of aloe vera tissues, as well as olive leaf extract, vitamin c, inner health plus and lots of water. I've also tried to keep eating well and using sanitiser to stop the spread of germs. I've had to become a small pharmacy for Miss M's needs - euky bear rub, a vaporiser, children's panadol and a saline solution with a snot sucker as just some of the great things that have helped clear her up! 

I normally like winter, but this flu season seems to be a bad one. I will be thankful when it gets a bit warmer! 

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