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Who else's nappy bag is bursting at the seams like mine? I've come to the conclusion over the last couple of months that the bigger the bag you buy, the more stuff you pack into it!

A newborn needs a lot more than an 8 month old, and as much as I like my spotty green nappy bag, it is just too oversized for quickly chucking in the car or the pram to go places. 

Here is the contents of my bag, and a list of things you might like to pack for a newborn in your own nappy bag - 

I like to be prepared for anything, so in my nappy bag I have:
 - nappies (LOTS)
 - wipes (again, lots!)
 - a change mat
 - a sun hat
 - a beanie
 - a spare outfit (or two or three!)
 - spare singlets 
 - a love to dream swaddle/muslin wrap
 - disposable bibs
 - a spoon
 - disposable nappy bags
 - hair brush or comb
 - baby sunscreen
 - deoderant for mum
 - toys
 - teething rings
 - extra maternity pads and breast pads
 - extra socks
 - mittens
 - a re-useable shopping bag
 - tissues 
 - sanitiser
 - extra dummy and dummy clip
 - sudocream/nappy rash cream

Not shown - extra jumper/jacket and a blanket

Later on I will need to pack a drinkbottle with water and milk, and snacks.

Basically you just have to be prepared for the amount of time you are out - and any unforeseen circumstances. 

A friend of mine now uses a backpack for her 18 month old son, and it just works so well. I purchased this cute backpack for Miss M for $10 from Kmart, and it is my new nappy bag! 

I just pack nappies, wipes, a spare outfit, a spare dummy, a spare singlet and some toys. I now have room for my wallet and a drinkbottle, so that it is the only bag I need to carry. It is smaller, so I carry less, and I can put it on my back and save my hips and back from hurting from the strain of an overflowing nappy bag!

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