Organise & Declutter Part 10 - The Entry, Hallway and a House Tour

I have always loved red front doors, and a few years ago, even though our house was yellow at the time, I grabbed a roller and painted ours red! This was my first attempt at painting - don't look too close at this photo - but I hope I've improved since then! 

[Also, thank you to Kmart for my $10 welcome mat!]

Later on I will do an outside areas blog post, as we've done most of our renos outside. 

But for now, here is the entry and the hallway in our house, as well as a tour, just to wrap up the inside areas. 

This was the entryway to our house, however if you look closely, there is a security box on the wall across from the hat rack, and this makes this area very tight to get through. I absolutely love the old-fashioned hat rack, but we've decided that until the box comes off the wall, we've had to move it. 

I have instead just purchased a $30 Kmart hall table, and it is the perfect size for this small entryway. Don't you just love our beautiful real timber floorboards?!

This is how I've styled the hall table so far. The basket underneath has hats in it, and I think I will buy another for shoes. 

So as you walk in the front door, you turn left into the guest bedroom (you can see the edge of the bed in the above photo. 

And here is the guest bedroom. You can read the blog post here. It used to be the old main bedroom of the house. 

If you keep going past the hall table, you enter the master bedroom. It is painted green, and I've recently decluttered that room also. It used to be the old loungeroom, and so is very big, with built-ins. You can read that blog post here and here (there are 2 parts). 

We also have an ensuite. You can read about the ensuite and bathrooms in this post here

If you keep going down the hallway, you hit the linen cupboard. I have done a quick tidy up, although I clearly need to declutter my craft supplies down the bottom. 

Up the top are spare quilts, sheets and pillow cases. Next shelf down is hand towels, washers and bath mats. Third shelf down are towels. Fourth shelf is our swimming bag, and beach towels. I have to keep this cupboard very minimalist as it is very small. I have spare cushions and spare quilts in a blanket box in the master bedroom, and old towels in the laundry. 

I love photos, and I love displaying them on our walls. This picture below is as you are heading down the hallway. We have had 4 photo shoots now - our wedding, our maternity shoot, Miss M's newborn shoot and a family shoot. This frame is of Miss M's newborn shoot. I also have the same frame for 6 photos of our maternity shoot, and 6 from our wedding. 

With places like Big W selling cheap frames, and cheap reprints, it is so easy to be able to display the images you love. I like to keep all my frames down the hallway black so they all match (a little bit of my OCD coming through!)

The door you can see in the picture above is Miss M's room. You can read about her room here

Across from her room is the bathroom. 

More pictures on the walls as you go down the hallway. They are all 11 x 14 inches (the frames and reprints were on special a few years ago, and it's been great to be able to have the frames ready to go on the walls when I want to update my pictures). 

On the same side as the bathroom is the laundry. You can read about it here.  The door at the end heads out onto a deck and into the backyard. 

Then you enter the living area. This is what the hallway looks like once you get to the living area (though I've added more frames down the hallway since I took this picture). 

The door frame here is missing it's door, because when we knocked out the wall, the door had to be removed as it would have swung out into an open space. We have to now knock out the door frame and create another so that the door can swing into the hallway. 

Here is the living area - 

And across from it is the kitchen (one big room). You can read about it here. 

The window in the kitchen looks out into the sunroom/dining area. You can read about the sunroom here. 

The sliding door also heads out onto the deck (and the white door you can see in the picture above is the door from the laundry). 

And that's the inside of our house! 

Outside, we still have bits and pieces to do -

 - Make picket fence gates for the sides of our house
 - Finish painting all picket fences
 - Finish the railing and balustrade for the porch
 - Re-do the cement driveway
 - Revitalise the gardens (winter is cruel here!)
 - Create white frames around our garden shed windows so it matches the house
 - A few boards need to go on the outside of the deck
 - Paint more terracotta pots for the garden
 - Create an arch/awning for the guest room window (in keeping with the style of the house)
 - Clean out, declutter and organise the garage underneath the house

Renovating can be very exciting, but it is very tedious and can take a lot longer than you think! I'm very proud of all Brendan's hard work. I look forward to bringing you updates in future blog posts! 

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