Organise & Declutter Part 5 - The Master Bedroom [Part 2 of 2]

In Part 1 of organising and decluttering the master bedroom, I talked about how cluttered the space had become, and how it desperately needed an overhaul to take it back to the lovely space it once was.

After decluttering my bedside table and the top of Brendan's chest of drawers, Brendan and I cleaned out his overflowing chest of drawers and cupboard full of clothes.

We did one drawer at a time, and had a garbage bag for rubbish (socks with holes etc.), and a garbage bag for clothes to take to Vinnies. I held up each item of clothing and Brendan said which bag to chuck it in, and if he wanted to keep it, I folded it nicely and reorganised his drawers.

We ended up with quite a large pile of clothes that were either too big, too small, or hadn't been worn in longer than a year.

The end result are neat, organised drawers. Every drawer has a specific purpose, and Brendan knows where everything goes. Now to attempt to keep it this way!
(Check out the awful before pic here).

At that point, I already had 3 bags to go to Vinnies with lots of clothes, but also stuff we just don't need or use anymore. 

Next I tackled the top of our built-in cupboards and then the bottom of the built-ins. 

There is still a lot of clothes, but as I am still losing pregnancy weight and not sure what I fit into for summer yet, I will declutter these again in a few months. At least they are neat!

This is the what I pulled out of the bottom of Brendan's built-in! I couldn't believe it all fit in there!

Now he just has a few pairs of shoes at the bottom of his cupboard. 

Once all the cupboards had been decluttered, I was pretty much done! When we were in Brisbane on the weekend, I purchased a new white Kmart quilt, just to brighten up the space (and also because I've had the same quilt for a couple of years now). I love the end result! 

I may still look for some cushions for the bed, but at the moment I am enjoying how minimalist the bed looks. The room feels cleaner, brighter, neater and less cluttered. I now love this space again! 

(P.S. The bed is not in the centre of the old fireplace, because having it in the middle means we have no space to walk past the bed when the door of the room is open (which is always). It really annoys me, but not much we can do unless we change the side the door is on!)


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