Organise & Declutter Part 6 - The Bathrooms

We are very blessed to have two bathrooms in our house, a main bathroom and an ensuite off our master bedroom. 

Our main bathroom is pictured above. 

This is what it looked like when we moved in... A lot less cluttered!

You definitely increase the amount of stuff you have when you have kids! But I wouldn't have it any other way. 

The past owners did an excellent job of renovating the bathrooms. They actually added the ensuite in, and renovated the main bathroom. This is what it originally looked like:

When we bought our house, we loved that there were two bathrooms. We also really loved the style and colours of the bathrooms. I think they look like fancy hotel bathrooms! If we built our dream house one day, I think I would choose white tiles though, only so that I could add towels for a pop of colour. 

In our main bathroom we have a bath, which is now Miss M's domain! I love the thought of relaxing in a bubble bath, but I have probably only done this twice in 2 and a half years. 

Here is the toilet, which is next to the bath. I believe every toilet needs storage for extra toilet rolls (imagine being a guest and running out of loo paper!), a little bin and toilet spray. I love baskets for toilet roll storage. 

Here is the sink and vanity. I try to keep the knick-knacks to a minimum, but I found this blue bird, candle and potted plant at Kmart and love them. I think every bathroom needs some greenery (real is better of course!) In the cupboards I have some items in baskets that wouldn't fit in our ensuite vanity. In the top drawer I keep washers, in the second drawer I keep extra towels for Maddi, and in the third drawer are extra toiletry items for guests. 

Here are Miss M's pink towels and some extra towels for guests. I wish there were more towels racks or hooks though (in case we have more kids!) 

I find it easy to keep this room clean, as it is used less than our ensuite. Also, in my experience, a new or newly renovated bathroom is easier to keep clean than an older one. 

Here is our ensuite:

You can see another basket for toilet roll storage, a little bin and a toilet spray (my 3 essentials!). 

You enter from our master bedroom: 

 We have the same vanity as in the main bathroom:

 I keep my straightener out on the sink as I use it everyday. 

I have recently decluttered the cupboards and drawers in the vanity. I now just have my makeup, products and extra toothbrushes, soap and make-up removal wipes. 

We only have one built-in towel rack, so I purchased this one from The Reject Shop for about $15. It's been excellent. The white cupboards are from Big W (but you can get similiar styles at The Reject Shop and Kmart) for about $15-$20. I keep my hair dryer in a storage rack, my necklaces and jewellery on a jewellery tree (which you can't see because I have way too much on it!), and the products I use daily. I have baskets to organise hair accessories in the shelves, and little yellow containers for hair ties and bobby pins. 

I love this lighthouse from Kmart ($7) and this plant and pot from IKEA (not sure on price but was cheap!) which are on the window sill. 

To keep the bathrooms clutter-free, I use baskets - in the cupboards in the vanity, and in my white shelves in the ensuite. I also have a place for everything, and everything must return to that place. If you find something is hard to store, or hard to get out to use, there will most likely be a storage solution! Can you use a basket, or is there something you can buy cheaply (check out Kmart, Big W, The Reject Shop and Target etc.) such as a stand/rack for your hair dryer or straightener for example that will solve the problem? I also limit what is on the sinks (as I stated before), as the more that is out on display, the more dust they will collect!

I do a full bathroom clean each week, usually on the weekend, or on a Monday morning if I'm not at work. I try to wipe over the sink every day, and the floor usually needs a bi-weekly clean too (as I have long hair!) If the bathrooms get used quite a bit during the week, I do a what I call a 'quick clean' - I clean inside the toilet, wipe over all parts of the toilet, wipe over the mirror, wipe over the sink, change the bin and wipe over the bin. This usually only takes 15 minutes, and makes such a difference when I come to do the weekly clean. I use Earth Choice products or more recently Norwex cloths. It's definitely not one of my favourite jobs, but a clean bathroom is so nice! 

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