Organise & Declutter Part 7 - The Living Room & Kitchen

Welcome to the heart of our home, the kitchen and living room!

We haven't completed many renovations ourself inside our house, except in this area. 

The previous owners had transformed the kitchen, living and dining areas and did an incredible job. Here are the before pics:

Our kitchen itself hasn't changed since the previous owners renovated (I love it! Although I'd love a walk in pantry as well!) but our lounge and dining area has. Originally we had a large 7-seater lounge, which we loved, but it was far too big for the room (I still love this colour scheme too). The dining area was beside the lounge - 

The loungeroom had a second entry then the one you can see here, but the lounge blocked the doorway. In order to have that door open, we sold our beautiful big lounge (it went to a good home!) and bought a second hand 2-seater and a 3-seater that was the same fabric/look/feel. 

I originally was going to use Miss M's room as an office and had a desk set-up in there, but actually never sat in there to do anything on my laptop (I'd always bring it out into the lounge room). In our already cramped space, I picked up this little desk for $20 second hand. 

I didn't mind the small lounge area (it was quaint and cosy for watching movies) but Brendan didn't like it, and dreamed of a bigger space. Eventually we agreed that he could knock out this wall pictured here:

See the wall behind the TV? 

Gone! The 2 rooms become 1 big room! (N.B. This wall was load-bearing and so a beam had to be put into the roof)

A work in progress...

Fresh new carpet! We decided on carpet because the floor underneath the vinyl in the dining space was a different size and type of floorboard, and we wanted somewhere soft for kids to play (we'll see how clean it remains!) and as our house is older, it can get quite cold, especially in winter, and especially because of the floorboards (which are beautiful and I love them). 

Here is our new living area! We bought cube storage from Bunnings to fit all of our DVDs which were in mismatched bookcases before. 

This was part of the old loungeroom - 

Miss M's toys are stored in these fabric boxes, also from Bunnings. This is to keep as many toys off the floor as possible - 

My rocking/feeding chair, and a Kmart basket for our quilts and throws - 

I bought this trestle desk from Aldi, to replace my old $20 desk. I'm trying to keep this area as clutter free as possible - 

I keep most of our stationery in our guest room (blog post on that room soon!), and just have our printer and a file of paperwork, as well as our speakers, lamp and laptops. 

Here is the other side of the loungeroom - 

I've recently added touches of yellow and teal, thanks to Kmart! We will probably eventually paint the TV cabinet white. In the drawers are lots of cords for various things that need to be decluttered!

More Kmart knick-knacks - 

I love my Kmart coffee tables (with Kmart vase) - 

Here's the view from the Kitchen - 

Here is the kitchen which looks out to the sunroom. I LOVE the style and colours, and would probably replicate this if we ever built a house. When we looked through the house, this room (and the bathrooms) definitely sold the house for me!

I love our island bench, which I believe is from IKEA. It came with the house. I keep it clear, and it is perfect for cooking and preparing food on. 

The Kitchen came with a stainless steel oven and stovetop, and when our dishwasher died, we replaced it with a stainless steel one, and then of course I had to replace the microwave too so it matched. Our old fridge was tiny, and I'm enjoying being able to do a full grocery shop with our new big fridge!

The only thing we've added is the curtains, which we close at night (the sunroom didn't used to have curtains either, and you could see straight into the yard at night!)

I love this pull-out pantry, though it gets full and cluttered often (it's in need of another declutter here!), however, I am finding we need more pantry space. It's been good to have cupboard space in the laundry I can use, of course I do dream about a walk-in pantry!

I also love my tupperware cupboard, which spins around:

Our buffet houses crockery, tea towels, dishes and glasses etc. We have a gas heater for winter, and I have 2 bins, one for recycling, one for rubbish next to the heater. 

Our mini-renovation has made this space a big, practical, bright and lovely room to be in, and will be great as more kids come along too! 

(If you have any other questions on these two rooms, just send me a message on here, or on facebook). 

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