Organise & Declutter Part 8 - Ideas for Organisation

I love finding practical ways to organise things around the house, not only to keep the house neat and tidy, but also to ensure you know exactly where something is when you are looking for it. 

Here are some ideas I've put into place at my house - 

This stepped tiered shelf is from Kmart for about $7 and is perfect for can storage in the pantry

This is a Kmart spice rack ($4) and is excellent for any kind of storage - I have my saucepan lids stored upright, or you could store tupperware lids, or baking trays etc. 

I love cube storage, and have this one in bathroom from Big W for about $20. I also love my Target jewellery tree for about $15, and my hair dryer holder for about $5 from The Reject Shop. If everything has a place to live, it is a lot easier to keep things neat and tidy. 

Our Organised Hive posted this suggestion on Facebook for an easy and effective way to store batteries. This little craft storage box was $4 from a local two-dollar shop. 

I love this slimline bookcase I purchased off a local buy swap and sell site for Miss M's small books. It lives in our living room. 

We use our big 16-cube storage for DVD's in our living area, and the bottom row has fabric boxes from Bunnings to store Miss M's toys. 

I purchased this broom holder from Woolworths for $7 on clearance, and it is perfect in the laundry to keep my tall cupboard tidy. 

Mug holders are so cheap (this one was $2) and are an excellent way to display mugs in the kitchen, meaning they take up less cupboard space!

I love wall hooks, and these large ones are perfect behind the door for dressing gowns (and it saves room in your closet too). They are also easy to grab on a cold winter's morning!

This hamper was $10 from Kmart and is ideal for all my wrapping paper. It now lives in our guest bedroom. 

I purchased this ladder for $40 from Myer a few years ago, and love how effective it is for storing my large scarf collection. It lives in our master bedroom. 

This $19 Kmart trolley has so many uses, but I am currently using it for my stationery and craft supplies. I love these $2 pen holders to organise my pens, pencils and textas. 

I picked this cute hook up for $2.50 at a local two-dollar shop, and I have it in the bathroom to hold Miss M's washers. 

I was given this cute bath toy storage/holder at my baby shower which suctions to the wall, and has netting to drain the water out - it has been very useful!

I am using 3x $4 Kmart spice racks for my spices and have organised them in alphabetical order for ease of use!

I had a few powders that were in bags from the supermarket, so I picked up these cute white spice containers from The Reject Shop for $2 each and used my label maker to make labels. 

I love having a dedicated place for my laundry powder and pegs, and these look so cute in my laundry. 

I use mini-baskets everywhere, for everything! In my laundry, bathroom, in the kitchen...

I use my aqua $12 Kmart basket for our pillows, throws and blankets in our living area, and I have a black one in our master bedroom to store the cushions that come off our bed at night. 

These $3 baskets with a handle from Kmart are perfect for keeping the sauces together in our fridge. I also have another to store drink bottles. 

I love this idea from The Organised Housewife - I used an old magnet and put a white sticker over the top and wrote 'dirty' and 'clean' - the magnet can be rotated to the appropriate side when the dishwasher has dirty or clean dishes inside, and then whoever unpacks knows whether the dishes are clean or dirty! (I practically wash each item before putting it in the dishwasher, so sometimes it is hard to tell!) 

Watch out for my organisation tips in the future! I am always on the look out for things that make life easier and neater! 

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