Organise & Declutter Part 9 - The Guest Bedroom

The room I have always disliked in our house is our Guest Bedroom. It was the old Master Bedroom, and so is quite big (it could easily fit 2 sets of bunk beds) and has old fashioned built-ins (which actually have plenty of storage). However, the bigger the room, the more clutter it always seems to get! Often I refer to this room as our junk room. 

When we first moved in, the room was painted purple. I styled the room with a bedroom suite we were given, and it was a really lovely space. 

Last year Brendan painted the room grey. I like it, but this room always seemed dark (clutter tends to do that!), and so the grey has made a dark room darker. I was keen to fix that!

This is how the room currently looks. 

There is a large window on the right in this pic, and an ikea cube bookcase with way too many books, and some of my teaching resources on top. I plan to re-organise and declutter my teaching resources later on.

This is our old TV and a cheap cabinet we got to put the TV on for this room, however I think I have used it in here twice. I think the TV is worth keeping in storage, but I think we might sell the cabinet. 

Here are the built-ins (2 cupboards with hanging space, 2 cupboards above that, and 8 drawers under a desk/dressing table.

Here is the top of the desk - lots of teaching resources:

At the end of last year, Brendan got this bed frame for free, and painted it black. We are borrowing the mattress. Brendan's sister bought us the canvas from Bali, and I found the cushions on eBay to match the colours in the canvas. The quilt is from Target a few years ago, and the throw rug is from Big W. 

I plan to paint the hat rack in the corner white, and I think I might also paint the bedside tables (and leave the basket-drawers as is). 

Ok, now to declutter and organise! I always put this room really far down on my to-do list, in the hopes it will go away. Either that or I shut the door! 

First of all, I cleaned out the room. When I cleaned and decluttered, I had 3 piles - 

1. the rubbish pile
2. the donate pile
3. the relocate pile

The rubbish pile gets bagged up and put in the bin (or recycling). The donate pile gets bagged up and taken to Vinnies. The relocate pile gets taken to other rooms where they belong/to their new home. I ended up with 6 garbage bins to take to Vinnies, and numerous others were relocated or chucked out. It felt great to get rid of lots of items I hadn't used since we had moved into this house 2.5 years ago. 

Then I cleaned the whole room, and rearranged some items. 

I then purchased some new bedside tables, as the brown ones we had didn't go with the room, or any of our furniture throughout the house. I found these white ones with baskets from Kmart Armidale for $39 each. I sold the brown ones to a friend. 

I then purchased some white spray paint and sanded and painted the old wooden hat rack white, to be used for towels or coats for guests. 

Then I purchased some brushed silver dummy knobs for the wardrobe doors to replace the old fashioned gold and white ones. I had a few years ago replaced the little knobs on the drawers, but hadn't gotten around to the ones on the cupboards. I actually had to take the dummy knobs back and replace them for passage knobs, as the old ones wouldn't work with the dummy knobs. That was a bit fiddly for me, so Brendan did that. He also painted the cupboards and drawers a fresh white, as the previous coat had yellowed a bit. 

It took a few weeks longer than expected, and we still have some odd jobs to go. The door to the room is an old door (the rest of the house except for Miss M's door has been replaced) so that needs redoing, and we need to change the powerpoint covers to white ones (you will notice the old black covers). There is also a random button that needs removing, and we'd like to move the switch for the fan (you can see both above the bed in this picture). We are also going to purchase new curtains to make the room look a bit more glamorous, and the old verticals look a bit dated. 

Here's what the room looks like now!

My $19 Kmart trolley and $10 Kmart hamper are being used for stationery and my rolls of wrapping paper, and will be stored in the guest room, as we don't really have any other space for them!

I have tidied the bookcase, and sent some books off to Vinnies, but I still need to declutter and organise my resources more - look out for that in a future post!

How much more modern do the brushed silver knobs look? And the white painted doors look so fresh!

My friend gave me this beautiful jug for my birthday this year, and I've often had fresh flowers in it, but I purchased these fake tulips from Kmart for $3 each (I'll put fresh flowers in as much as I can though). I also picked up this pretty jar with blue dots from Kmart for $6. 

And just for fun, here is a $10 Kmart quilt on the bed, to really brighten it up! I'll change the quilts depending on how I feel! I am going to buy a plain white textured cushion for the bed though, as I think there is too much going on with the white and silver one. 

I'm really excited that this room is almost done! It has a much nicer feeling in here now, and I don't have to shut the door to ignore the mess anymore! 

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