I am grateful for...

It's so easy to be negative in the world we live in, but if you think about it, there's so much to be grateful for too!

I am grateful for... (not in any particular order)

1. My hubby and my daughter!
2. Freshly washed towels
3. Sleep-ins
4. Photos and memories
5. Reminiscing with good friends
6. A cup of tea and a biscuit
7. Baking sweet treats
8. Having a clean house
9. Opening the blinds of a morning to let the sun in
10. Finishing a decluttering task
11. The end of a satisfying day at work
12. Seeing Miss M again after being away from her while I'm at work
13. Getting into a good TV series
14. A freshly vacuumed loungeroom
15. Finishing packing away the groceries and having a full fridge of food
16. A delicious hearty soup in winter
17. A fresh salad in summer
18. BBQ's on the deck in summer
19. Spending time with friends
20. Walking in the fresh air
21. A freshly made bed
22. That feeling of freshly washed, dried and straightened hair
23. Fresh flowers
24. Getting into a good book
25. Having a hot shower with no time constraints
26. Getting a car park right in front of the supermarket
27. Going to Kmart!
28. Overcast days
29. Sunny days following overcast days
30. A new outfit
31. Fitting into a tight pair of jeans
32. My daughter's laugh
33. Getting into bed after a productive day
34. Ticking items off my to-do list
35. Finishing DIY projects
36. Reading blogs that inspire me
37. Going op-shopping
38. A whole day with nothing to do!
39. Spending time with my family at Mum's house
40. Preparing and buying presents for Christmas
41. Preparing for a trip away
42. Experimenting with new dishes in the kitchen in my Thermomix
43. Enjoying a great meal at a restaurant or cafe
44. Going for a refreshing swim in a pool
45. Finding cash in my wallet that I'd forgotten was there
46. Snuggling up on the lounge with my hubby in winter
47. Laughing!
48. Watching a good movie
49. Picnics
50. Dreaming about the possibilities of the future

What are you grateful for?

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