Organise & Declutter Part 11 - Organising Recipes

If you are anything like me, you love looking through magazines at different recipes you could try, and tear them out for 'oneday.' Or you screenshot recipes from Facebook or Google, only to forget about them while they sit in your camera roll on your phone. A solution to save recipes off your phone or ipad/tablet is an app called 'Paprika.' Lots of people rave about it on the Thermomix Facebook pages I follow. I personally don't have it yet, as I still like the 'old school' way of using a recipe - a hardcopy! 

A few years ago, I tried to store all my recipes in an A4 folder. The problem with this was that it still took up lots of space in my cupboard and on the bench while I was cooking, and I tended to tear magazine pages out, and it just felt messy. So I went to my newsagent and found an A5 folder with A5 sleeves (so half the size of A4), and I got to work typing out my favourite recipes to create this recipe folder:

It has been absolutely perfect for what I need - it is compact, and the sleeves mean that I can just wipe them clean if they get messy from cooking. Inside, I have used tabs to indicate where each group of recipes begin. 

I like to type each recipe out to keep it uniform, however you could copy and paste from websites (as long as you reference the website). What I especially like about A5 size is that when I type recipes out in Microsoft Word, I can change my page orientation to landscape and fit two on an A4 page, which I just cut down the middle and place in a sleeve. To make it pretty, I take a picture of something I've cooked, or find a picture on Google images to add to the page too. 

Thermomix recipes are an entirely different ballgame altogether, and so when I bought my Thermomix, I sat down to copy and paste some recipes to create a new folder:

I just have 5 categories in this folder - vegetarian, beef, chicken, salads and sweets. 

For ease of use when you use a recipe, place your folder in a recipe book holder, or a novel idea is to use a coat hanger (for pants) and clip the top of the folder, and hang the hanger on a door handle in your kitchen, just like this: [ Image from ]

Happy cooking!

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