Organise & Declutter Part 12 - Organising the pantry [pull-out pantry - Part 1 of 2]

When we bought our house, I was very excited that my kitchen had a pull-out pantry, but I soon realised it was barely big enough for two people! As we add more kids to our little family in the future, I'm sure I'll need even more space too! Luckily we have a fair bit of storage in our laundry (see laundry decluttering post here) and I've been able to use 2 shelves for more storage. At the end of the day, you just have to work with what you've got! 

Here is a before pic of my pull-out pantry:

As you can see, there's just a lot of 'stuff' shoved in there. My baking shelf (4th shelf up) was fairly organised - I used my Nana's retro orange Tupperware containers to store baking items, however they didn't fit a whole packet of flour or sugar, and this was frustrating and hence the packets sitting on top. I needed a better solution to utilise the space. 

After a visit to Kmart (yay!) I purchased 5x packets of the Tupperware style pantry containers (you get 6 pieces for $12, or a 4 piece pack for $9) and they have absolutely provided more space and organisation. Along with my trusty Dymo label maker, it wasn't long before I had transformed my shelves - 

I choose the largest sized containers for flours and patty pans and choc chips/sprinkles, and then choose the other sizes depending on what packet I usually buy of sugars, rice, pastas, cous cous, dates, cashews etc. 

The only other items I purchased were 4 of the white baskets with blue handles as seen in the second picture above, and so far I have stored my snacks, Miss M's snacks (I make most of her food in the Thermomix but it's handy to grab a rusk if you are on the run!) and some cooking bits and pieces (salt, pepper, noodles etc.) I have another basket in my laundry cupboards, and I think I will grab more next time I'm at Kmart - they are a really handy size! 

These are my laundry shelves - 

On the top shelf I have cans and sauces, and the cans are stored on a 3-tier step from Kmart (about $7 each). On the second shelf I have lots of different teas (sitting on a 3-tier plate stacker from Kmart, about $4 each), and I have spare BBQ sauce, spare containers, Brendan's 2-minute noodles and a basket of packet mix cakes (for when I need to make something quickly!) 

It was honestly a very simple task, and barely took any time at all. The results are fantastic, and I'm enjoying cooking and baking with an organised space. 

I'm off to help a reader organise her pantry this afternoon - stay tuned! 

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