Deep cleaning around the house

I have a confession... Sometimes when I can't see mess, I like to think it doesn't exist! Have you ever wondered how dirty your dishwasher or washing machine or even your kids bath toys are? I honestly hadn't until I started reading blogs about how to clean them! Here's a few easy tips I've learnt from The Organised Housewife and Organising the Four of Us about how to clean a few different appliances and things around the house. These are tips I have tried out myself, and they all work! 


- Thoroughly rinse out with water 
- Fill with water and add a denture tablet to each bottle (these can be found in the supermarket in the toothpaste section and are very cheap) 
- Leave for at least 10 minutes
- Rinse and wash with detergent a few times until the minty flavour is gone! 

Washing machine 

- When empty, add a cup of white vinegar to the barrel (of both a top and front loader, and to the powder drawer in a front loader)
- Run on the hottest temperature for one cycle 
- Sprinkle bi carb in the barrel and run on the hottest temperature for another cycle
- Using multipurpose cleaner and gumption, scrub/wipe over the door and powder drawer in a front loader and the barrel and top/outside on a top loader 

*Another great tip is to add half a cup of vinegar to a towel wash to make your towels nice and fluffy and remove any odours!


- Clear any dishes and excess food out of the dishwasher 
- Wipe down the inside with a multipurpose spray and gumption 
- Fill a Pyrex jug (or any dishwasher safe container) with white vinegar
- Run the dishwasher through a cycle on the hottest temperature 
- Sprinkle bi carb inside and run through another cycle
- Wipe over the front of the dishwasher 
- Repeat as often as you need to and depending on how often the dishwasher is used! 

Electric Kettle 

- Half fill your kettle with water 
- Cut up a lemon and add to your kettle
- Bottle continuously for 10 minutes or so
- Remove lemons and thoroughly rinse out 
- Reboil a few times until the water doesn't taste like lemon anymore 

Bath Toys 

3 options: 
1. Place all toys in a washing bag/net bag and throw in the washing machine and wash on the hottest cycle. Leave to thoroughly dry (you can leave them in the sun but be careful that they do not fade and become brittle) 
2. Place all small toys on the top shelf of the dishwasher and larger toys on the bottom and run the dishwasher on the hottest cycle using either a dishwasher tablet or just bi carb and vinegar. The dishwasher will dry for you. 
3. Place in a sink filled with hot water and dishwashing liquid and leave to soak for a few hours. Dry thoroughly. 

To avoid mound in bath toys:
- make sure toys are drained of water after a bath 
- wash toys down with hot water after a bath to remove soap 
- drill a larger hole in toys (or a hole if there isn't one at all) to allow water to drain easily 
- store in a bag or basket with holes to allow any excess water to drain 

Thermomix (from Thermofun).

2 options to remove harsh stains/burn marks/to refresh the smell: 
1. Vinegar wash - 250g white vinegar, 750g water, 2 tabs bi carb. Cook 10 mins, varoma, speed 4. 
2. Lemon wash - 1 lemon (cut in half, skin left on) thrown into bowl, chop 5 secs, speed 10. Add 350g water and cook for 10 mins, varoma, speed 3. 

Stainless Steel Sink 


During: (Bi carb)


- Wipe down sink.
- Sprinkle bi carb over sink, leave for 10 mins, then use a scrubbing brush or toothpaste to give the sink a good scrub. Use gumption to remove harsher food stains. 
- Rinse the sink/wipe over to remove bi carb and any gunk.
- Line sink with paper towels soaked with vinegar and leave for 20 mins. 

Hopefully these tips inspire you to do some deep cleaning this week! 

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