Mummy stuff - Playtime for a 10-month old

How do you keep a 10-month old who has recently learned to crawl and climb occupied? In the past couple of weeks this has been my dilemma, however I have found a few things that seem to work well (for now anyway!)

1. Stations

I have created 'stations' around my house, and once Miss M seems bored with one station (she is whingy, or starts chucking toys away), we move her to the next one. 

In the loungeroom, I have 1 basket of toys that are out, where she can see, and I rotate the toys in here every week or so (the rest of her toys are in Bunnings fabric basket/cubes that sit at the bottom of our 16-cube bookcase in the loungeroom). I only have a small basket as there is plenty of room for around 10 different toys, and this also means that there are only a few toys that I ever have to pick up. 

We also have this baby playstation where babies can sit/stand safely in the seat and they move themselves around the different activities. Miss M actually hates to be contained in the seat, but remains occupied for quite a long time by standing and pushing the seat around, and stopping to play with the different toys on top. It is very big and bulky and I'm glad we have borrowed this from a friend, as I have no idea where I'd store it once we were done with it! 

There is a small bookcase with all Miss M's books in it in the loungeroom as well. We have attached this to the wall so that it won't fall on her, because she does like to climb it! 

This is possibly her favourite thing to do - chuck all the books (that she can reach) onto the floor. I used to be worried about quickly tidying these up, but now I do it only twice a day (which is also when I pick up any scattered toys) - during her morning sleep, and once she's gone to bed at night. 

If Miss M ventures into the kitchen while I am cooking or preparing food, I usually sit her in her high chair and give her a snack. Otherwise I let her roam around the kitchen, and instead of having to baby proof, the bottom drawers and any cupboards she can get into have things stored in there that I am happy for her to play with, e.g. plastic cups, tupperware etc. 

If she is being particularly clingy when I need to have a shower, I either take her in with me (she lots water!) or I sit her in front of our bathroom vanity, and I have a basket of my makeup wipes that she can reach, and she loves to chuck these out all over the floor. 

Bath time is another great tool for play, and sometimes when she appears bored during the day, I sit her in the bath in water only, and let her play with her bath toys (while I watch of course!) 

2. Outside

I try to allow Miss M time outside a couple of times a day - when I hang out or bring in the washing, and when we go for a walk. If we are only outside for 10 minutes, I don't use sunscreen, but I do use a hat (although it appears she's chucked it off in this photo - she's not a huge fan of hats!) so she can get some very essential vitamin D. She loves being outside and exploring. She also loves being in the pram (unless it's late in the evening!) and looking at all the cars and the people and the birds etc. 

3. Other kids & new experiences

Miss M and I usually go to the library on a Wednesday for a baby program where they sing nursery rhymes and read stories and play. When I don't work on a Thursday, we attend a playgroup (and sometimes my mum takes her when I do work), and Miss M just loves being around the other kids. We have just started swimming lessons in a 'mums and bubs' class on a Wednesday and she loves that too! I also try and catch up with friends a couple of times a week too, just to give her (and me!) some time out of the house, and engaged with other kids and having new experiences. 

When Miss M is a bit older, I can't wait to be able to bake with her, and do craft with her and all the things my mum did with me, and that I loved as a kid! 

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