Spring Cleaning Challenge Week 1 - Kitchen Week

This past week I have been participating in week 1 of a 6-week Spring Cleaning & Organising Challenge by 'Our Organised Hive' (check out their facebook page here). 

'Our Organised Hive' posted a master list of what we would be doing during week 1, which was kitchen week, and each day there were just a few jobs to get done, to make it easier and more manageable. 

I really enjoyed this style of challenge, and being accountable to my facebook page (click here to 'like' my page and follow along!) and to 'Our Organised Hive's' page meant that I forced myself to do just a little bit each day. I loved that at the end of 7 days, my kitchen was sparkling!

Day 1 tasks -
 - deep clean the oven
 - declutter and clean the fridge and freezer
 - tidy tea towel drawer

Day 2 tasks - 
 - tidy cutlery drawer
 - tidy utensils
 - deep clean dishwasher
 - declutter and organise the pantry

Day 3 tasks -
 - deep clean the kettle
 - clean the toaster
 - deep clean the coffee machine
 - declutter cups, mugs and crockery
 - I also tidied my 3rd and 4th drawers 

Day 4 tasks - 
 - declutter and tidy baking items
 - declutter cookbooks
 - dust and clean light fittings
 - get rid of cobwebs
 - deep clean microwave
 - dust anything that needs dusting

Day 5 tasks - 
 - clean appliances
 - declutter and tidy pots and pans
 - clean the window and window sill
 - wash curtains/dust blinds
 - clean walls
 - clean doors
 - wipe over power points and light switches
 - clean splashback

Day 6 tasks - 
 - clean out tupperware cupboard
 - clean and disinfect bins
 - deep clean the sink and drain
 - clean the cupboard under the sink

Day 7 tasks - 
 - clean the benches
 - wipe over cupboard doors
 - clean out any remaining cupboards and drawers
 - sweep and mop the floors
 - vacuum and mop under fridge 

For information on how to deep clean certain items, visit 'Our Organised Hive's' facebook page or visit my previous blog post on deep cleaning around the house. 

This coming week's challenge (which started on a Saturday) is the laundry and linen cupboard. Join the challenge and enjoy a sparkling clean home by Christmas! 

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