Spring Cleaning Challenge Week 2 - Laundry Week

Week 2 in 'Our Organised Hive's' Spring Cleaning Challenge was Laundry Week. 

I was particularly busy this week, and didn't get to do the daily tasks each day, however on Friday, the last day of the challenge, I completed all the tasks. This was possible because I have only recently decluttered and organised my laundry a few months ago. You can read about it here

Day 1 tasks:
Linen cupboard
 - declutter any items you no longer need or use (relocate/donate/chuck)
 - clean shelves
 - purchase storage items (e.g. baskets) to create a more organised space
 - put only what you need or use back into the cupboard
'Our Organised Hive' suggests using 1 basket for each person (which contains their sheets/pillow cases/quilts etc.) - One day when I have my dream giant linen cupboard, I will definitely do this! 

In my linen cupboard I have towels, swimming towels and our swimming bag, some sheets, pillow cases and quilt covers and down the bottom is my craft basket, which clearly needs a declutter! 

[Linen cupboard]

Day 2 tasks:
 - Deep clean the washing machine (I have previously written about deep cleaning here
 - Declutter any items in the laundry that you no longer need or use, or that need to be relocated to another room
 - Catch up on all your washing
 - Soak your whites

[Washing all done, and the laundry decluttered]

Day 3:
 - Declutter cleaning products
 - Organise batteries/tools etc. in your laundry - here's how I have organised mine, thanks to 'Our Organised Hive's' suggestion!

[Batteries ($4 organiser from a local $2 shop)]

[Screws and nails ($10 organiser from Kmart)]

[Other items for around the house ($9 organiser from Kmart)]

 - Deep clean the dryer
 - Dusting
 - Clear laundry benches

[Cleaning products]

Day 4:
 - Deep clean clothes line and clothes horse
 - Remove cobwebs
 - Clean powerpoints, light switches, skirting boards, light fixtures, vents
 - Declutter cupboards in laundry

[Old towels, and some non-perishable pantry items]

[Games, platters, trays and tablecloths tidied]

Day 5:
 - Declutter broom cupboard
 - Deep clean sink and drain
 - Clean under laundry sink
 - Clean any windows and window sills

[Under the sink organised with various containers]

[Broom cupboard]

Day 6:
 - Declutter sunscreens (check expiry date)
 - Wipe down benches, doors, drawers, cupboards, walls, doors, splashback
 - Vacuum and mop behind washing machine 
 - Sweep/vacuum and mop floors
 - Stock up on any thing you need, e.g. toilet paper, cleaning supplies

[Sunscreens decluttered and organised using a $9 shelf from Kmart]

Day 7:
 - Catch-up day to catch-up on any task from week 1 or 2 that haven't been completed 

[All done!]

Next week is Loungeroom and Study week! 

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