Spring Cleaning Challenge Week 3 - Loungeroom and Study Week

Welcome to week 3 of the Spring Cleaning Challenge - Loungeroom and Study Week! 

This week was another easy week for me, as I had previously decluttered and organised the lounge room and study only a few months ago. You can read about it here

Day 1 tasks:
 - Pick up any items that don't belong in the lounge room and chuck, donate or relocate
 - Declutter ornaments
 - Wash throw rugs and pillow cases

Day 2 tasks:
 - Declutter DVD's and electronics
 - Clean remotes
 - Clean TV screen
 - Vacuum under couches and other heavy items, and under couch cushions

Day 3 tasks:
 - Declutter books and magazines
 - Dust skirtings, light fixtures, fans, vents
 - Remove cobwebs
 - Change light globes
 - Clean windows and window sills
 - Dust blinds or wash curtains
 - Declutter and clean out any cupboards and drawers

Day 4 tasks:
 - Declutter leads and power boards
 - Wipe down walls, doors, light switches, power points
 - Vacuum (or sweep and mop) floors
 - Declutter study chucking, donating or relocating anything that doesn't belong

Day 5 tasks:
 - Declutter stationery in the study
 - Remove everything from desk, clean and put only what you need back 
 - Organise stationery and study items into baskets or containers

Day 6 tasks:
 - Declutter bills and paper
 - Set up a system to receive and file any important documents you need to keep (I use a ring-binder folder with 1 sleeve for each item, e.g. medical, gas bill, electricity etc.)
 - Organise receipts (I use a mini expanding file from Kmart, $4)

Day 7 tasks:
 - This was a catch-up day for me, as my study is just a desk in our living room, so I didn't have to clean out a separate room. 

All done! 

Next week is Bathroom week! 

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