So this is Christmas... Part 1: Advent Calendars

I am so excited to begin a new series on Christmas, titled 'So this is Christmas!' 

There will be many blog posts in this series, so make sure you check in with my Facebook page regularly, as there will be 1 - 2 posts per week leading up to Christmas! 

Christmas really seems like a magical time, and I have always loved this time of year. I actually don't mind when we start to see Christmas things in the shops in September, as it just sparks my excitement earlier! 

Today's post is on Advent Calendar ideas. These are a fun idea, for kids and adults alike, as we all count down the days in December until Christmas Day. They are definitely a tradition I want to introduce to Miss M (when she can understand!) I'll be doing a post on other traditions I want to introduce in a few weeks. 

This is my Advent Calendar, which I created in a 'Stampin' Up' workshop last year. There are 25 cardboard boxes which open at the top, and each has a magnet at the back so it can be stuck to the fridge. Each has a different number that was created using craft punches and stamps. I love it, and cannot wait to put a chocolate in each!

I also found this on clearance last year at Coles for only $5 (not sure of the original price). It is still in the plastic, but it has 24 little drawers. This will be perfect for Miss M next year. 

Here is one from Target online for only $12 - a Santa Advent Stocking. 

Kmart has a cardboard version - a Triangle Christmas Candy Advent Calendar, for only $7. 

If you are on a budget, these cardboard Advent calendars complete with a mini chocolate behind each window, and various characters on the front are about $3, and these ones below are from Big W (most supermarkets and discount stores have them as well). 

Here are some more from Pinterest:

This would be an easy craft activity for kids, and the paper bags could hold a chocolate, or a little toy, or even an activity to do (more on this later). 

This image is from 'Between you and me' blog. 

Twenty-Five Acts of Random Kindness. Something to consider for next year with daughter.:

Here is a great idea, made from toilet rolls! It is from Morning Creativity

Top 10 DIY Advent Calendars We Absolutely Love:

I love homemade fabric/sewn Advent Calendars, just like this one from Mas Alla Del Rosa O Azul

COULD use with nativity/ manger set up with pieces each day until christmas OR keep tree and add manger near by ...:

This is another simple one to make, which looks really effective. It is from A Vos Lunettes
Advent calendar. Super cute Christmas decoration. Piece of wood, big branch to hold 24 or 25 small gifts and little lights. Can be used year-round with different decorations!:

A simple idea from Casa De Falcone

homemade advent calendar washi tape newsprint wrap:

Turn a muffin tray into an effective Advent Calendar! Image from Creative Holiday Crafts for Kids

With its 24 openings, a mini-muffin pan makes a perfect base for a treat-filled #Advent #calendar.

Organising the Four of Us shared her 'Advent Activities' on her blog last year, and I think it is a fantastic idea. Instead of always receiving throughout December, she is teaching her kids the joy of giving as well. I hope to do something like this when Miss M is older. These could feature in an Advent Calendar, in the place of a chocolate or toy, and then it becomes the task for the day! 


A Mother, Wife and a Happy Life posted this idea on her facebook page, and it would be perfect for Advent Activities - a green or red envelope for each day, stuck to the wall in the shape of a tree! 

Will you buy or create an Advent Calendar this year? I would love to see pics! Feel free to post to my facebook page. 

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