So this is Christmas... Part 3: Christmas Eve Boxes

Have you heard of 'Christmas Eve Boxes?' 

They are a fun tradition I've been reading about over the last couple of years. As Christmas Day itself can get very hectic (we have to go between two families, and we go to Church), and Brendan may have to work on Christmas Day this year as well, it's a nice tradition for kids to open a Christmas Eve Box with some nice things and activities to do together as a family to enjoy Christmas Eve, or the 'calm before the storm' as 'Organising the Four of Us' puts it! 

Even though Miss M will only just be 1 this Christmas, I am keen to start some traditions now (more on traditions in a future Christmas post). I have already put together her Christmas Eve Box (which will actually be more like our family box, as she is too young to enjoy some aspects of it, and really understand what is happening!) 

Here it is! 

There are many different things you can add, but this is what I've chosen to include:

 - 2 Christmas books ($4 for the Little Ducks book from Big W, and $3 for The Night Before Christmas book from a local $2 shop)

 - A Christmas plate and Santa cup ($3 and $2.50 from Kmart)

 - A Kids Christmas DVD ($4 from Kmart - this also ties in with our Elf on the Shelf)

 - Popcorn (around $1 from Woolies)

 - A Reindeer Toy ($3 from Kmart)

 - Chocolate money ($2 from Big W)

 - Santa chocolates ($1.25 each from The Reject Shop)

 - 4 Candy Canes ($1 for a pack of 10 from Kmart)

 - 2 Gingerbread Men ($4 for a pack of 4 from Big W)

 - Summer PJ's ($3 on clearance from Big W)

And the box itself was from a local $2 shop for about $3. 

Here are some other ideas for things to include:

~ Organising the Four of Us included her boys Christmas outfits in their boxes, as well as an ornament for the tree and a mug filled with chocolates. Visit her post from last Christmas here. (Images below from Organising the Four of Us). 

~ This image for 'The Ultimate Christmas Eve Box' is from Pinterest from The Pajama Elves site. It includes some cookie mix to make treats for Santa, some hot chocolate packets, a key for Santa and some reindeer food. 

                               The Ultimate Christmas Eve Box (The Pajama Elves)...update this for a first Christmas together as a couple:

~ This image is from Pinterest as well which is just an image that has been uploaded from here. It has some popcorn kernels for the kids to pop themselves (if you have a popcorn maker) and some popcorn tubs so it's just like going to the cinema! They've included hot chocolate pods for a coffee machine, a range of lollies/chocolates, and I think the roll of paper on the end is an a colouring in sheet. 

                              Christmas eve box ideas! Still to add pj's and movie! Underneath is a christmas book:

Hopefully some of these ideas inspire you, and it really doesn't have to cost much to put together something fun for Christmas Eve! 

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