Spring Cleaning Challenge Week 4 - Bathroom Week

Week 4 of the Spring Cleaning Challenge via 'Our Organised Hive' is Bathroom Week! 

[Main bathroom]


I have previously talked about decluttering and organising my bathrooms in a past blog post - click here to read. 

Day 1 tasks:
- Declutter any items that don't belong and chuck, donate or relocate
- Declutter any toiletries in your toiletry bag or under the sink/in cupboards
- Clear vanity tops of any items that you don't need or don't use daily
- Deep clean the toilets
- Deep clean toilet brushes and holders (after cleaning the toilet) - I soak mine in detergent and then leave in the sun to sanitise
   ~ here is how Lauren from Our Organised Hive deep cleans her toilets: 

"I find it easier to clean the seat and screws in the bath (and then disinfect and scrub the bath) however, you can always do it in your laundry sink or outside.
1. Run the bath with very hot water. Pour 1 cup of Pine o clean in and 2 - 3 capfuls of Eucalytpus oil in. Mix around.
2. Unscrew the toilet seat and remove all of the parts.
3. Place parts into the bath and let them soak whilst you clean the rest of your toilet and around your toilet.
4. Scrub all of the parts and rinse with clean water.
5. Dry parts and put the toilet back together."

[toilet brushes soaking]

[All clean! I like to use these cheap plastic toilet brushes because they are easy to keep clean!]

Day 2 tasks:
 - Declutter hair brushes, combs and hair products 
 - Wash and disinfect brushes
 - Remove cobwebs
 - Dust skirtings, light fixtures, fans and vents
 - Deep clean bath and drain (sprinkle some bi carb down the drain, followed by 1 cup of vinegar and then run hot water after a few minutes)

Day 3 tasks:
 - Declutter beauty products
 - Clean windows and window sills
 - Dust blinds, or wash curtains
 - Remove everything from cupboards and drawers and clean
 - Group like items together, and use baskets to keep organised

[I keep the products I use everyday on top of these shelves in my ensuite]

Day 4 tasks:
 - Declutter makeup and nail polishes
 - Wipe down vanity top, cupboard doors, drawers, walls, doors, light switches, power points and splashbacks
 - Deep clean makeup brushes. 
    ~ here is how Lauren from 'Our Organised Hive' does hers:

1. Fill a small container with Luke warm water
2. Add a squirt of baby shampoo or dish soap
3. Soak for 5 minutes 
4. Swirl each brush around and then run under Luke warm water. 
5. Repeat step 4 until the water runs clear.
6. Squeeze out extra water, reshape and let them air dry on a paper towel.

Day 5 tasks:
 - Declutter perfumes and aftershaves
 - Clean basin and drain on vanity
 - Clean mirrors
 - Clean taps (Lauren sprays with glass cleaner and uses a microfibre cloth - it works!)
 - Give bath towels a deep clean by washing and using 1/4 cup vinegar with your normal washing powder, and then chucking in the dryer when almost dry. 

Day 6 tasks:
 - Declutter bath toys and clean in a sink filled with detergent (then air dry), or throw them in a laundry bag in the washing machine, or place on the top shelf in the dishwasher and run through a hot cycle. To stop water getting inside toys and making them mouldy, silicone up the hole at the bottom. 
 - Disinfect and clean rubbish bins 
 - Deep clean the shower (gumption and vinegar)
 - Deep clean the shower head
     ~ Fill a sandwich bag with vinegar and fasten it with a rubber band or hair tie to your shower head. Leave for 15-30 mins. Then scrub with bi carb and a toothbrush to remove any grime, and finally flush with hot water. 

Day 7 tasks:
 - catch-up day, ready for Bedroom week next week!

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