Organise & Declutter [& DIY!] Part 15 - The Front Yard

The front of our house is complete! 

Before - 
~ Painted yellow with green gutters
~ Red brick 'fence' 
~ Lots of trees and shrubs 
~ Wooden lattice 
~ Green front door behind a screen door
~ Cement retaining wall
~ Old cement driveway
~ Slippery tiles on the stairs and porch
~ Poor quality grass
~ Old fashioned railing on the porch and stairs

After - 
~ Painted grey with darker grey gutters
~ White picket fences
~ New gardens
~ Tiered landscaping
~ New turf
~ No trees blocking the house
~ New railing on the porch
~ New grey tiles on the stairs and porch
~ Red front door with no screen
~ New driveway
~ Painted lattice
~ Garden edges
~ Hedges planted

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