So this is Christmas... 2015 Christmas Series Wrap Up, Overview & Links

So that was Christmas! My 2015 Christmas series has come to an end, as has the Christmas season! If you wanted to read back through any of 11 blog posts in this series (or for easy access for next Christmas), here is an overview of and link to each blog: 

Part 1: Advent Calendars

Part 2: [Guest Post by Fiona] Organising and Storing Christmas Items

Part 3: Christmas Eve Boxes

Part 4: Gift Ideas

Part 5: Christmas Craft Ideas

Part 6: Christmas Traditions

Part 7: Blogs to read for Christmas ideas

Part 8: Ten ways to maintain healthy eating and exercise over the Christmas period

Part 9: Elf on the Shelf (The First 12 days)

Part 10: Christmas Baking

Part 11: Elf on the Shelf (The next 12 days)

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas season, filled with love, laughter, giving, receiving, family & friends!

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