Welcome & 2016 Resolutions!

Welcome (or welcome back) to my blog!

I started this blog only 6 months ago, and have been absolutely blown away with over 8,000 views on my blog posts, and over 800 likers on my Facebook page! Thank you to all of you for making this experience a positive one - I really enjoy writing posts, and finding interesting things to post on Facebook. 

I thought I would re-introduce myself for those who are new. I'm Sarah, I'm 27 years old and am married to Brendan, who is 30. We have a beautiful daughter, Miss M, who was born in December 2014, and who has just turned 1. She is walking, and getting into everything, and is an absolute delight! We live in Northern NSW in a house we purchased in April 2013 (when we got married), and we have completely changed the outside of the house, both front and back, as well as some of the inside. My hubby is the talented one on the tools, and I like to try my hand at decorating on a budget! He also works as a direct care worker with teenagers and is also a super-dad!

I am a secondary PDHPE Teacher, who now mostly teaches Maths! I have been working casually a couple of days a week since going on maternity leave before Miss M was born. 

What will the blog look like this year? You will find more decluttering, more cleaning, more organising, more DIY, more mummy posts and a snapshot of our daily lives. Each Thursday this year however, I will post a 'Throwback Thursday' post to a past blog past, which you will hopefully find interesting! These will be posted on my Facebook page but if you aren't on Facebook, feel free to have a look back through past posts at your leisure!

2016 Goals

This year, my hubby and I have also decided on some goals for 2016:

Our house is pretty much finished, but there are a few items left to tick off our to-do list:
 - fix the lights in the bathrooms
 - attach a new smoke alarm
 - remove out-of-date security boxes
 - replace powerpoints in guest room (they are still old fashioned brown ones)
 - finish painting new doors in Miss M's room and the guest room
 - finish painting picket fences
 - establish the gardens
 - finish the railing on the porch
 - my ultimate aim for decluttering and organising is to have not even one junk drawer!

 - focus on paying a certain amount off the house

 - Brendan is aiming to finish uni this year (he is a semester away from being a primary teacher!)
 - Brendan is also training for a competitive cycling race in May
 - Maintain my pre-pregnancy weight
 - Exercise 6 times per week 
 - Implement a new way of meal planning
 - Healthier meals/create more freezer meals

 - New computer: we desperately need one, both our laptops have almost died!
 - New TV unit: we are still using a cheap purchase off a local buy, swap and sell site

A few places on our list include:
 - Newcastle
 - Tamworth
 - Forster
 - Sydney
 - Gold Coast
 - Port Macquarie
 - Albury
 - Wagga

Ultimately we'd love to get to Darwin, Adelaide and Canada... but these may take a few years! You never know though! 

I love making a plan for how our new year will look. If we achieve even half of what is on the list, I will be stoked! I look forward to seeing what the new year brings!

Happy New Year everyone!!

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