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Recently, Leanne from Organising the Four of Us posted on her Facebook page about the 'Mamabake' she had been invited to participate in.

A 'Mamabake' is where you get some friends together (the title suggests 'mothers' but it could be anyone really!) and organise for each of you to cook one lot of savoury items and one lot of sweet items. Then you come together and divide up the items, so that you return home with a selection of lunchbox goodies for your kids to take to school!

A friend of mine just created a Facebook group and we decided on a date to meet-up. It was as simple as that!

There are many options you could do, including having a list of dietary guidelines to follow: for example, all items must be healthy, or perhaps someone in your group is on a gluten-free diet, and all items must be gluten-free. It's a chance for some experimentation!

None of our group had dietary restrictions, and we just decided to make anything! I made jam drops, and zucchini and ham muffins.

Other items that were made included:

 - choc chip cookies
 - sweet potato brownies
 - date loaf
 - chocolate slice

 - mini quiches
 - bacon and cheese scones
 - pizza scrolls
 - savoury tarts

The list really is endless, and there's no reason why you couldn't get together once a month! You can have as many people involved as you like, however you have to think about quantities (and whether kids will fight if they don't both get to try one of something!) Miss M is too young to worry about what's in her lunchbox for daycare, but I've been enjoying taking a sweet and savoury item to school for myself!

It would be an excellent idea for new mothers too, to stock up the freezer before bub arrives!

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