Organise & Declutter Part 16 - Teaching Resources

I have been very blessed to have had work ever since finishing University. I've worked at the school where I did my internship (in my home town) for 3 temporary engagements (the first year doing a mix of Maths, PE and other subjects, the second year doing Maths and now this year doing Maths part-time), and I've also worked at 3 other schools in the area (doing PE and casual work). 

Because I've been at different schools teaching different subjects, I have lots of resources which don't really have a home. I have tried to be organised, but I definitely am a hoarder in this area, and hang on to far too much for 'one day.' 

At the moment it is stored in our guest bedroom, which I recently decluttered and organised. I could store it in our garage, but I need easy access to some of it when teaching, so at the moment, it will stay in the guest bedroom. 

Here is how I have organised different subjects/topics:

For PE Teaching, I have organised practical and theory topics into A4 ring binder folders. Each folder has a few topics in each, e.g. Mental Health, First Aid, Striking & Fielding etc. At lot of worksheets and resources can be used for all grades, and often doesn't depend on the level and ability of the students (lots of basic worksheets can still be useful in the older grades, and harder worksheets can be used for extension in the lower grades). Any physical resources I have for PE, e.g. health pamphlets, the beep test on a CD etc. are stored in a basket in my guest room cupboard.

For Senior PDHPE (NSW), I have organised each folder into each Core or Option, e.g. Core 2: Factors Affecting Performance.

 For Maths, I have a folder for each year that I taught and the level, because each level of Maths is very different. Not shown here are the Year 7, 8 and Senior folders.

In each folder is a title page for each topic:

 And any worksheets or resources plus answer sheets. I do not just use worksheets however; I have lots of interactive resources on my external harddrive as well, and of course, we have class textbooks. I do try to keep note of interactive and hands-on activities I have done in these folders to (if they've worked!) to do with the next year group.

At one particular school where I taught PE, I was using an existing program and I created a different system to store any worksheets/resources and answer sheets for theory lessons: A4 display folders for each topic for each year group. Most year groups did a theory topic for a term, so each year has 4 folders. I also taught SLR (Sport, Lifestyle & Recreation) and they had 4 topics as well. The downside to display folders is that it is harder to add to your sheets to keep them in the correct order, but I really liked having everything kept together like this, and it was simple to take just one folder to class with answers to any sheets we were doing.

In each folder is a title page for the topic:

 And resources such as Powerpoint slides:

 And photocopiable sheets: (and answer sheets)

 I apologise about the blurry picture, but here is where I store extra stationery: in a $19 Kmart aqua trolley. This is so handy, and keeps it all together. This is also stored in the guest room at present.

These systems aren't perfect but they work for me, and they keep everything organised and together. I'd love to be able to store them in cupboards away from sight... one day! Hopefully if you need ideas about how to organise your resources, that I've given you some ideas!

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