Autumn Declutter Week 1

Last year I set about organising and decluttering my home, which you can read in past blog posts (all titled 'Organise & Declutter'). Once I'd finished (although my garage is a never-ending work-in-progress!) did my house stay clean, organised and decluttered? The short answer is NO! I live with a mini-tornado named 15-month old Miss M, so it was never going to stay that way for long. But that's ok! Because I had completed a bit declutter, and the house had a lot less stuff in it, I've found it's a lot easier to keep clean. I'm beginning another declutter (now that I have some 2nd trimester energy!) and I'm imagining that it won't be as time-consuming this time round.

I've began my Autumn Declutter this week. I have bought myself a notebook which will have my to-do list in it each day. I use my phone calendar to remember things but having everything written down and kept on the bench in front of me is a good reminder to be productive! So far, it's working well.

The plan is to just tackle small jobs when I am at home with Miss M, during her nap-time (between 12 and 2). I've started with some over-due jobs:

Scrubbing Miss M's highchair:

I've been meaning to do this for months! We have a second-hand Target highchair, which I've cut the straps and padding off (they just got too grubby and Miss M didn't like being strapped in, plus she's always supervised while she's in it). I love this style of highchair, as it's so easy to clean.

Here's the before pics (I realise it doesn't look grubby, but I think the sun was too bright - trust me, it was gross!):

Here's the after pics: (again I apologise for how bright the sun is!)

I simply used detergent and a scrubbing brush, and the hose to rinse it off. Very simple, 5 minute job done!

Tidying our DVD's:

This area becomes a dumping ground at times, and is often untidy when we don't put DVD's back where they belong. It was quite easy just to tidy everything up. Before:

After. Much better!

Cleaning out and organising the fridge & freezer:

This is almost a weekly task, and as you can see in this before picture, it was well overdue!

I got rid of lots of things that didn't need to be there or that were out-of-date, re-organised the items on the shelves and gave everything a wipe-over.


Sorting Miss M's clothes:

Miss M is well and truly out of 00's now, and she doesn't fit into 0 suits (but still fits into tops, pants and dresses that are 0). She is slowly heading towards the 1's! This week I went through all her clothes, and folded up what she didn't fit into, and stored them in the labelled tubs for each size we keep in the garage (see pic below). I then placed all the size 1's I had into her drawers ready to go. Any clothes she hadn't worn I am giving to charity.

I have also sorted through my recipe books this week, and have a big garage bag ready to go to charity. Feels good to get this process started again! Feel free to pick a few areas of your home and follow along with me!

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