Autumn Declutter Week 2

Week 2's decluttering was a little disjointed as Miss M and I went away for 4 nights as it's school holidays here in NSW. But I did manage to get a few tasks done before we went and when we got back.

Cleaning out the pantry:

I forgot to take before pics of my two pantries (don't get excited, they are both very small!) but here are the after pics. It's hard when you have limited space, you really have to keep on top of tidying it, and of course this doesn't always happen!

This pantry is just 3 shelves in my laundry and I basically keep extra items that we don't use everyday in the kitchen. I am trying not to overstock this cupboard (because it won't fit, and because I forget it's there half the time!)

The pull-out pantry in my kitchen always needed tidying. My Kmart 'tupperware' has been working really well, and this section was neat. The two shelves below were not! I need to break the habit of just chucking stuff back in as I use it (because it really does take any more time to place it back in!)

Cleaning and tidying under my island bench:

I love my island bench, but I wouldn't have open shelves again (though this was here when we bought the house). It gets so dusty and dirty. I forgot to take a before pic, but this is during my clean-up:

After: There are a lot of items here but they are stacked neatly, and are all within easy reach (and I really don't have other options of where to put things!) It feels much nicer being clean and tidy.

Tidying the buffet hutch in the kitchen:

Again, no before pic, but this is our dumping ground, so it often needs tidying. The cupboard underneath is full but it's tidy and everything is accessible (and a bag full of stuff is going to charity!)

Under the ensuite bathroom sink:

This cupboard is tiny and as much as I try and limit what is put under here, it does get messy.


I purchased the $9 makeup organiser from Kmart as I used to store my makeup just in a travel bag, so we will see how this works! Again, the cupboard is full but only with essentials - I have culled many things we don't need, and actually, the 3 little cupboard drawers on the right are practically empty, but this is because Miss M is always into them (we have a child lock on the cupboard doors though).

That's it for this week, but every little bit helps! More next week!

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