Pregnancy Diary - Weeks 14-17

I am happy to report during week 15, my energy returned and I've actually felt like being really productive - I've possibly even starting nesting! I didn't get the nesting urge until about the week before Miss M was due last time, so it's been nice to want to tidy, clean and declutter the house! Especially after having to let it go while I had no energy for 10 or so weeks.

I've still been nauseous quite often, especially if I don't eat every 2 or so hours. This means I really need to take snacks with me wherever I go. I was at the hairdresser for 3 hours and I had to ask whether they had any crackers, because I wasn't feeling great after a couple of hours!

I've been craving vegemite and cheese sandwiches or toast, as well as fried rice, fruit, veggies and cold water. I don't normally crave healthy foods - normally I crave very sweet foods, but it's been a nice change! It has been a lot easier because of these cravings to eat healthy.

My weight gain so far is about 3kgs, which I'm very happy with so far. This is about the same as last pregnancy at this point. Because I was so sick last time, I really didn't put on weight until the end of the 2nd trimester, so this is more slow and steady weight gain. I am aiming for approximately 15kgs (or less of course, as long as it's not 27kgs again!)

At the start of week 16, I was really sick, and spent a whole day in bed. It came on suddenly, and I had back aches, stomach aches, headaches, nausea, dizziness and no appetite. I couldn't get out of bed - it even hurt to go to the bathroom. I am normally not one to have to be in bed when I'm sick. The symptoms fairly well subsided after 24 hours, however I continued having stomach pains. Because I was pregnant, I decided after 36 hours to call maternity and ask whether I should go to the doctor. They said I should, in case it was a urinary tract infection. I got into a doctor later that day (on my birthday!), and I was pleased to see on the little ultrasound machine that the baby was perfect. He actually said I was measuring a whole week further along than I originally thought, so we will have to wait and see for the 18-week scan exactly how far along I am! The doctor said it sounded like I had caught a gastro bug. Other than taking 'Ural' there was nothing else I could really do, but keep my fluids up and rest. After another day, I actually felt almost 100% better! Miss M and I went away for 4 nights (Brendan was working and training for a cycling race so he stayed home), however I continued to have random symptoms  - headaches most days, I vomited once, and I just really lacked energy. We did have an enjoyable trip though! I visited two friends - one with a 7 month old boy, and another with a 4 year old, 2 year old, and one on the way - she is due about the same time as me!

I am definitely seeing a belly now and I'm not fitting into my jeans or shorts anymore! I can still fit into lots of my pre-pregnancy tops, but I'm definitely in maternity pants now. I have been wearing maternity tops though because they are much more comfortable. Last pregnancy it wasn't until the end of the 2nd trimester that I needed any maternity item. It's cute as the kids I teach at school slowly realise - they are so hesitant to ask me whether I'm pregnant!

I am feeling a few flutters now and then, which is very exciting! It is mostly in the evenings when I lay down. I can't wait to feel a more definite kick - I loved that last time!

I've been looking at the old wives tales just for fun, and it looks like there is no definite answer for what I'm having - half say boy, and half say girl! Brendan and I have decided to have a surprise, which will be hard for me when we have our scan, but Brendan is keen for a surprise this time seeing as we found out last time! I am happy with either gender - I would love a boy, but I'm sure Miss M would love to have a little sister to play with! Plus, I didn't have a sister, so I would love her to experience that. I don't think this will be my last pregnancy, but we will see!

At my 17-week doctors appointment, Brendan and Miss M came along to see the new baby! Brendan got a photo on his phone of baby Jones who had their head down, and you can see fairly clearly their little spine and ribs! The photo is at the bottom of this post. Everything is going well, the heart beat is strong, and I'm measuring about 16cm.

Our 18-week scan is booked for early May, so I will write about that in the next post!

I'll leave you with some more pics!

 14 weeks

15 weeks

16 weeks

17 weeks (ultrasound at the doctor's office)

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