Autumn Declutter Week 3

Week 3 in my decluttering challenge for myself was really productive! I went back to work this week, but only for 2 days, so had the other 5 to do a little decluttering each day!

Cleaning out the cutlery drawer

This picture doesn't look too bad, but the drawer was full of crumbs (no idea how crumbs make their way in here!) It was really simple to clean out though - when most of the cutlery was being cleaned in the dishwasher, I took the remaining items out and gave it a wipe over, and then put everything back in!


Wiping down the kitchen cupboards

Before: dusty and with the usual kitchen spills (though this picture doesn't look too bad!)


I did all the cupboards, and it really did make them look sparkling new again!

Tidying the Master Bedroom

Before: This is Brendan's side of our room... he's not as into organising and cleaning as I am!

I put away the clean clothes, and anything that didn't belong on the dressing table, dusted and wiped over all surfaces and vacuumed the floor. It looks so much fresher!

Tidying our desk (in the living area)

Before: this desk is a bit of a dumping ground, and as I type this, it almost needs another tidy up again! Brendan was in the middle of an assignment here, and we definitely need to work out a system for filing his uni and teaching resources (click here for how I organise mine).


Deep cleaning the kitchen benches

Before: One morning this past week I spilled sugar on the bench, so it was the perfect chance to give the kitchen benches a really good clean.


(I had started moving the toaster and jug here before I remembered to take a pic!)


I even got motivated to do the microwave!

There's plenty more to come next week, especially as it's an ongoing process! Hopefully it motivates some decluttering and deep cleaning around your house too - share it with me on my Facebook page (and share my Facebook page with your friends and family!)

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