Autumn Declutter Week 4

I'm getting into a good routine now with decluttering - I usually choose a few things from a big list I've created (just in a note in my phone) and complete them while Miss M sleeps during the day. My aim is to everything decluttered by week 6 (so 2 weeks to go!) These decluttering tasks below were from last week, as I worked and was away this past week! 

Sorting through Miss M's clothes tub
This is a really big tub (not sure if this pic shows it) but it was overflowing because I was keeping every item of clothes Miss M had and hadn't worn. As I was still adding size 0's to the tub, it was just getting far too full.

This doesn't look too bad, although they needed to be folded a bit neater, but underneath, there was no organisation.

Each pile is organised (e.g. shirts, suits, dresses, swimmers etc.) now and there is a tiny bit more room for the last few items I need to add later on.

Decluttering and organising our ensuite cupboard
Before: I actually had been pretty good in keeping this cupboard tidy, until my little cyclone had started to get into everything! I've been just chucking things back on top as she brings things out to me, so it needed a good declutter and tidy, as well as wiping over each shelf to get rid of the dust.

It looks so much better! I've tidied up each shelf and have sorted through all my necklaces, earrings, bangles etc. and put them into a charity bag ready to go to Vinnies. I'm loving my Kmart hair dryer holder which is just attached to the tiles by 2 suctions (but it seems to be holding so far!)

The bottom drawer in the kitchen

Before: I was a bit sick of this drawer getting messy, with all the odds and ends in here. I decided instead that it needed a new purpose!

My YIAH (Your Inspiration At Home) products were currently being stored like this, because there were too many to sit in the cupboard so I could see them all (even on a 3-tiered stand which I had tried).

After: I have found a perfect spot for my YIAH spices and my bottom drawer has been perfectly repurposed! It is so far working really well!

The 2nd drawer in the kitchen

I don't have a before picture, because this is how this drawer has remained since my last declutter. It's certainly not ideal (I would love separate little areas for everything!) but I haven't yet found anything that works as well as the baskets below. While there is a lot of stuff in this drawer, I can find everything I need easily, and I use everything in this drawer.

The 3rd drawer in the kitchen

Before: This drawer didn't take me long to declutter, but the results are great!


The top of the fridge

Before: SO dusty! I don't think this photo accurately shows just how dusty it was!

After: Much tidied, and no dust! I need to remember to dust up here more often.

And that's it for the past two weeks. I'll be back into this week hopefully, still plenty more to declutter and clean!

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