Autumn Declutter Week 5

School and report-writing has been super-stressful, so decluttering and organising has been slightly put on the back-burner for the moment! But that's ok, I've been back into it on my days off this week and have finally achieved a few things!

Next week begins winter, but I will continue with my Autumn Declutter until I get to week 8, because I still have lots to do! Then I'm sure I'll be having another declutter once I go on maternity leave in September, while I'm nesting waiting for baby #2!

Here's a few things I've been up to this week...

Tidying the laundry cupboard

This cupboard wasn't too bad, I try not to buy too many chemicals and sprays and things, and just stick to what I use.

I wiped down each shelf, folded the cloths in the baskets on the bottom shelf and arranged the sprays a bit neater. I have been loving my 'bits and bobs' caddy which holds my bathroom cleaning products - only $9 from Kmart, and it is so much easier than carting things to each bathroom as I clean!

Tidying my closet

Miss M has had a field day in this cupboard pulling bits and pieces out. There was lots of things in here that didn't live here but had been relocated by a certain 17-month old!


Much better! I love having a shoe-rack in this cupboard to organise and hide all my shoes.
I will doing the other cupboards later on (Brendan has one and I have 2 more!)

Behind the sunroom door

This is more a work-in-progress shot, as we have just attached two hooks to the wall and an ocky-strap to keep the ironing board and clothes horses from falling on Miss M. We literally cannot find another space for these items, but the space behind the door isn't too bad (not ideal, but works for now!) The space can get quite messy though and needed a tidy up.


Creating a storage system for Miss M's art and craft:

Miss M has been doing lots of craft at day care and playgroup and I needed somewhere to either present it or store it. I was happy to just take photos and create a folder on the computer and then chuck it out, but Brendan wanted to keep it. I have a box that holds all her important things (cards from her birth etc.) so things that aren't on a piece of paper will go in there and we've decided that A4 paintings/pictures will go in an A4 folder, and A3 items will go in this A3 display folder. It cost a mint but you can add pages to it and if it gets too full, I can start chucking some of the less special ones. I never want clutter (even as sentimental as it can be) to get the better of me, so I'm glad we have started this now!

Tidying the TV unit drawers

This is our TV cabinet. These drawers are fairly well unusable as they are almost impossible to get out. Now this has actually been perfect as Miss M cannot get into them at all (I can barely pull them open). We are planning to buy a new white TV cabinet this year, but we will have to travel somewhere to get it (not a lot of options here unfortunately!) For now though, I needed to tidy up the things in the drawers.
In the big drawer is my Wii Fit Balance board, and in the smaller drawers are lots of cords.

We have two of these little black boxes which we use as side tables in our lounge and for storage. One has nothing in it, but the other has lots of CD's which Miss M has pulled in and out and which were in desperate need of chucking or relocating.

I've culled lots of cords and CD's (I need to cull more but Brendan will need to agree!) and put the CD's in the bottom drawer and the cords we are keeping up the top. Now Miss M can't access the CD's and I've emptied a black box, which means she can no longer empty that (and I can potentially use for storage of her toys if I need to!)

That's it for this week! Still plenty more to do - hoping I can be all done in 3 more weeks!

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