Autumn Declutter Week 6

This final post is a long time coming - I have been extremely busy with writing reports at school/work, but they are all done now, and I can breathe again!

I originally was going to do 8 weeks of decluttering, but I will finish with week 6 today because I am excited to be beginning 'Project 14' with 'Organising the Four of Us' for 2 weeks during week 10 and the first week of the July holidays coming up! I won't share all the details as it is a paid group but I will be doing some more decluttering and organising, as well as focusing on self-care and creating effective routines. I can't wait!

So to finish up, here are some of the tasks I've been working on slowly over the past couple of weeks!

Tidying up the guest room

Miss M, my little 18-month cyclone, had had a field day in my stationery trolley in the guest room! We normally keep the door shut but not today!

It didn't take long to tidy up and cull some of the items on the trolley.

Tidying my clothes cupboard

This is a tough one because I'd love to get rid of lots of clothes but being pregnant, I am going to wait until I fit back into these clothes to see what I wear and what I don't.

Much tidier!



Tidying my top bedside drawer

This drawer had clearly become a dumping ground for anything and everything!

I've culled a heap of stuff, and a basket will help keep the small items together.

Cleaning out my handbag

My handbag is a constant mess. In an effort to keep it tidier, I've laid out everything I need and use, and put it into a small pencil case/beauty case, and hopefully this will keep it all together and neat!

Cleaning out my medicine cabinet & rearranging the cupboards in the kitchen

My medicine cabinet/shelf in the kitchen hasn't got a lot of items but it does get messy. I'm moving it into my pantry in the laundry but will need to purchase plastic drawers from Kmart (which won't be until I get to a Kmart again!) I will share a picture on Facebook when I have completed it.

In the meantime, the shelf that was the medicine cabinet now has Miss M's plastic plates and cups and cutlery (don't worry about the cords, it's really high up, so Miss M can't reach it!)

The cupboard that did have Miss M's plastic plates in it is now a lot less cluttered:

Labelling my fridge!

I received my order from Pretty Paper Label for my fridge labels! I love them!

Decluttering the top of my microwave and the sink

I felt like the top of my microwave was way too cluttered, so I've taken away the mug stand and put the mugs into the cupboard (turns out there was room all along!)

I also felt the sink was too cluttered with all the brushes on the sink, so I've just got my handwash and the detergent in a soap dispenser and that's it!

New purchases this week!

Matching Sukin body products for the shower (and I got a free gift of these mini products with purchase!)

Peonies in a glass vase that will sit on the mantelpiece in the master bedroom from Big W.

A new quilt for the guest room! Only $25 on sale at Target. I love how bright and happy it is!

I also purchased a new blue ottoman for the loungeroom as it was on sale at Big W!

I feel like my house is slowly getting there again! The 3 big spaces I will tackle in Project 14 are:

1. The tubs under my bed in the master bedroom & Brendan's clothes/side of the room
2. The cupboards, the bookcase and Brendan's teaching resources in the guest room
3. The garage

I am also hoping to have some time to organise my photos on my computer! They are getting out of hand. Can't wait to have everything done, especially as it's just over 3 months until Baby #2 arrives!!

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