Cleaning up the kitchen sink in 15 minutes

Do you ever have those really hectic weeks or days where you let the kitchen get the better of you? Is your washing up piling up every day? Mine certainly does from time to time, usually when I'm really busy. Recently it was during report-writing time at school. I walked into my kitchen and saw this:

Not a pretty sight! Especially when the house just feels so messy with the dishes all piled like that. However, I have recently put into place a really good system to clear this mess in only 15 minutes!

Step 1:
If you have a dishwasher, go through the pile and quickly find the items that can be washed in the dishwasher (I am picky about what goes through the dishwasher) and stack every else that needs to be washed up beside the sink - it's sorting into what needs to go into the dishwasher and what needs to be washed up and then stacking beside a clear sink that saves me the most time. 

Step 2:
Give the items ready for the dishwasher a quick rinse, and load up the dishwasher. Make sure your sink is otherwise clear, ready for the washing up.

Step 3:
Wash up! I briefly rinse everything first so that I don't have floaties in my water, and then wash the small items first, followed by the large items (it makes it easier to stack that way). I wash any knives/scissors or chopping boards that have touched raw chicken last.

Step 4:
Wipe over all your benches, and make sure everything is back where it lives, and there you go! A messy kitchen to a clean one in no time at all!

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