Mummy Stuff: 30 School Holiday Ideas for Kids!

It's finally school holidays in NSW! In case you are stuck for some ideas (especially during winter, and when it's been so cold lately!) here are 30 suggestions for fun things to do with your kids over the next fortnight!

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1. Baking - cupcakes, cookies, donuts, slices - the list is endless!

2. Cooking - set your kids a task to cook lunch for you one day. It could be homemade pizzas, or even spag bol!

3. Ten Pin Bowling / Indoor play centres / Theme Parks

4. Hot chocolates in the park (and a play on a playground)

5. Family walk, or even a bushwalk where the kids can explore nature

6. Taking pets for a walk

7. Playdates with other kids and families, or visit your grandparents

8. Going to a heated pool if your town or city has one, and letting the kids buy lollies from a corner store after (this was a fun tradition from my childhood!)

9. Pyjama days inside with movies, popcorn and board games

10. A day at the beach if it's a nice day

11. A day out at a zoo or aquarium or museum

12. Shopping day - set your kids a budget and they must buy something to wear, something to read etc.

13. A day out at the local markets

14. Bike ride

15. Picnic in the backyard or at a local park - get the kids to help pack a picnic lunch! You could also make it a teddy bear's picnic for younger kids.

16. Lunch out at a café or restaurant

17. Kick a footy together at a park or fly a kite!

18. Rearrange the kids bedroom (good chance for a clean out too!)

19. Treat the kids to a movie at the cinema

20. Pinterest has an endless range of science experiments for kids, as well as craft activities, and lots of the ingredients/items you might need are things you already have at home!

21. Planting a flower, veggie or herb garden together (it can be as simple as in a single pot, or a large garden in the backyard)

22. A family camping trip, or even just pitching a tent in the backyard for a night!

23. Making a fort using your dining table and sheets inside!

24. Creating an obstacle course (either inside or out!)

25. Pamper day - a homemade foot spa, facials and nail painting!

26. Visit the local library to pick out books or DVD's to borrow (or to the local DVD store) - often libraries have school holiday activities on offer too (as do shopping centres!)

27. Go fruit picking - we used to have a strawberry farm just out of my town. It was a lot of fun picking your own strawberries and thinking of ideas to use them up!

28. Go on an adventure to a new town - cold days are great for a drive!

29. Feed the ducks in the park

30. Writing letters to a friend or grandparent

Hopefully some of these will keep you busy and provide lots of fun and learning for kids these school holidays!

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