Pregnancy Diary Weeks 28-31

I began my school holidays by entering the third trimester! It always starts to super exciting at this point, because the count-down really is on, which is also scary at the same time! Only 12 weeks until our little one is here!

In the first week of the school holidays we stayed home, but in the second week we headed to Emerald Beach above Coffs Harbour for our last family holiday as a family of 3! We haven't travelled a lot just with the 3 of us - we mostly visit family and stay with them (which we love doing!), but it was a really nice change to just book a cabin to ourselves, and spend lots of quality time before #2 is here. We stayed at the Big4 Discovery Park at Emerald Beach, which is just perfect for kids! Even though Miss M was far too young to do lots of the activities (she is currently 19-months), Brendan was able to do lots with her, while a very pregnant mummy watched (and relaxed!) There was a jumping pillow, water park (like one you'd see at a theme park!), an indoor soft-fall playground, go-carts, a kids club and access to the beach. We explored Woolgoolga and Coffs Harbour, as went to the Pet Porpoise Pool and The Big Banana. It was an excellent week away, and I'm keen to go there again sometime!

We returned to school last week and I am still feeling really good at this point in my pregnancy, a lot better than this point in Miss M's pregnancy. The weather was warm and gorgeous last week (just for a day - then it rained most of the next day lol!) so Brendan and I took Miss M for a walk - something I have been neglecting a bit lately, mostly with the excuses of 'I'm tired' or 'It's too cold.' I was a lot slower walking but still managed a few hills, and felt so good afterwards! I did plan on keeping active throughout this pregnancy, and I have been more so than in Miss M's pregnancy, but unfortunately I can't say I have been in a good routine! I am chasing Miss M around all day though, so that is something I guess!

I have been struggling to want to eat veggies lately. I am still craving healthy foods, but haven't been keen on veggies or salads. I guess there's not telling what our bodies want when we are pregnant!

Other funny things I've noticed are that I have a lump just under my big toe on my left foot that has literally popped up overnight, and my eyesight for long distance has gotten really bad (I normally have always had good eyesight). I was hoping these were pregnancy-related and that they would disappear once baby #2 arrives but the doctor doesn't think either have anything to do with being pregnant! The lump is a ganglion and is a bit of fluid that can pop up and disappear, so I don't need to worry about that (it isn't painful) but I do need to get my eyesight checked. 

It's getting harder to tie my shoes and shave my legs, and I'm basically wearing 3 pairs of jeans on rotation (I'm thankful it's winter this time round!) but I can still manage everything else fairly well. Miss M constantly wants to be carried, and this is a bit of an issue. She's only just over 10kgs but with the extra weight I'm already carrying, it's far too heavy. She's been super-clingy too, and I wonder if she knows something is happening! We've told her there's a baby in Mummy's tummy, and when we ask her 'where's the baby?' she points to my tummy (she also does this to my mum as well lol!) which is super-cute. I think she will be a wonderful big sister, however she may get quite jealous at first, as she whinges and wants me to cuddle her whenever I hold another baby!  

The only other thing that has been a bit disappointing this past week has been that I've copped some bullying via social media. This person made it clear they read my blogs and see what I post on my page but don't actually follow/like the page, and yet they don't like the content on the page and were critical of it. I am fully aware that when you make parts of your life public that you will receive criticism and while this person cannot bring me down (they've been blocked!) it is disappointing that they felt the need to contact me and give their opinion (obviously everyone is entitled to their opinion, but some opinions definitely don't need to be expressed!) I am thankful to this amazing community for your support, and am hoping it's a one-off - especially to an emotional pregnant person! 

At 30 and a half weeks we booked in at the hospital where you get to answer a ton of questions. Last time with Miss M we got a tour of the maternity ward, but obviously I am well-acquainted with the ward so that wasn't needed this time (and definitely wasn't half as exciting either!) Our maternity ward is really good for a rural hospital - there are 6 private rooms and each shares a bathroom just with one other room. There's no need in my town for private hospital cover, because you basically get it anyway! I will admit, I am looking forward to hospital food (I LOVE food that is brought to me on a tray - I even love airline food too!) Crazy, but it's true!

I had another appointment at 31 weeks, and now I have fortnightly appointments until 37 weeks, and then I'll have weekly appointments. In my town you can't bulk bill, so it can become costly! I am measuring 29cm, and bub's heartbeat is strong. He or she is still head down and moving lots, and my blood pressure and everything else was normal was well.

It's week 2 at school now, and I finish up in the middle of week 7 - only 5 weeks to go! That's about it for now - I will write again after my 35 week doctors appointment!

28 weeks

29 weeks (on holidays at Emerald Beach)

30 weeks

31 weeks

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