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I can't wait until Miss M is a little bit older and we can do lots of themed activities. One I will definitely be doing with her in another 4 years time is some Olympics-themed crafts and baking. Brendan and I have been enjoying watching some of the events on TV, and as a kid I remember doing activities at primary school for the 1996 Atlanta Olympics and of course the 2000 Sydney Olympics.

Here are some fun ideas I found on Pinterest - you might like to try some of these with your kids!

Food & Baking Ideas

1. Bake a cake and decorate with the Olympic rings (using M&M's) and mini flags:

2. Bake and decorate Olympic cookies (or using any round cookie, or even rice cookies to look like Olympic rings):

3. Bake and decorate Olympic Rings cupcakes:

4. Put together a table of food in the Olympics rings colours (this could be made into a healthy treat as well, using fruit and veggies!):

5. Here are some fun food ideas for a party - Olympic rings cupcakes, biscuit medals and waffle cones made into the Olympic torch:

6. An Olympics inspired drink using alcohol for the adults or lemonade or water for the kids and coloured life savers to represent the Olympic rings:

7. Using blue jelly, pink lollies and tiny teddies, create an Olympic pool:

Craft & Games Ideas

1. Create your own medal out of cardboard and ribbon:

2. Make your own torch out of cardboard, tissue paper and al foil:

 3. Make a podium, and run events (e.g. running races, 3-legged races, egg & spoon race, wheelbarrow races etc.) and you can have your own medal ceremony

 4. Using paints and cups, create your own Olympics rings artwork:

5. Decorate the Olympic rings using tissue paper:

6. Create the Olympic rings using paper plates and paint:

 7. Print out an Olympic Sports Bingo template and play a round of Bingo (e.g. each time one of these is drawn out of a hat, you can place a token/marker on one box - first one with 4 in a row wins)

8. Find some smooth rocks and paint different countries flags:

There are plenty more ideas on Pinterest - all images from https://au.pinterest.com/sarahjones411/olympics-fun/

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