Making Gingerbread Houses

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas - last week I made my first gingerbread house ever! Our playgroup hosted a fun evening with other mum's where we got to hang out, make and decorate our gingerbread houses which came in a kit (and were baked by a bakery) and just have a chilled evening out together without any kids!

First we used our piping bag of icing to attach the side and back pieces to our silver board base.

Then we attached the roof and began decorating! The possibilities with decorating are endless!

This is how I decided to do my roof -

Here is the back of my gingerbread house -

... and the top...

... and the front! I love the candy canes and Corinthian wafers!

Everyone's houses turned out really well - they were all so unique and pretty!

All finished and wrapped up!

For a fun Christmas activity for Miss M, I purchased a $5 kit from Big W so we could build a mini gingerbread house.

First we laid out all the pieces. Miss M was only interested in the lollies!

Then we began decorating the front of the house.

It was quite a challenge putting such a small house together, and about 2 seconds after I took this photo, the roof fell off!

Miss M enjoyed eating our little house though!

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