Miss M's 2nd Birthday!

Miss M absolutely loves The Wiggles, so this years birthday party theme was a no-brainer! As I was preparing for a small morning tea birthday party for her 2nd birthday, she'd spy a Wiggles symbol and yell excitedly 'Wigg-als!' Miss M got dressed up as Emma Wiggle, her favourite! I bought her t-shirt, skirt and headband very cheaply and she also wore this outfit back in August when we went to the Wiggles concert.

I still can't believe Miss M is turning 2! Her birthday is the 14th December but I decided to hold her party at the beginning of December, just to avoid clashes with Christmas parties during what can be such a crazy month!

I put very little effort into Miss M's party this year, as she had a very big party last year, and as I continue to juggle Miss O who is 8 weeks old as well. I bought all the non-perishables and decorations about a month before the day, and leading up to the morning of the party, I baked her cake and the cupcakes and prepared the jelly cups. The night before I iced the cake and cupcakes, put everything I needed for the party in our sunroom, and made the fruit skewers. On the morning of the party, I set up the table on the deck and my Mum made the sandwiches and fairy bread. I loved that the effort was minimal, and once the party was all set-up and people started arriving, I was able to sit back and relax and enjoy it as well.

We invited 4 other mummies, and their 10 kids (and Miss O and Miss M making the total number of kids 12). I didn't prepare any games, but just let the kids eat the food and play outside, on the deck and in the sunroom. The kids kept themselves occupied and I was able to have a chat and a catch-up (while my Mum attended to Miss O!)

I decided to have the party at 9:30am so that I wouldn't spend all day stressing about the set-up. The clean-up after was quick and easy and about 45 mins after everyone had left we were all done, and Miss M, Miss O and myself were able to have a nap!

It was a lovely day. Miss M had a wonderful time celebrating with her friends, and she was especially excited to have a Wiggles party! I'll leave you with some pics of our morning.

[My two little Emma's!]

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