A new loungeroom!

Last year Brendan and I decided we would have a look at a few furniture shops for some new items for our lounge room. Our current furniture was all second-hand and was starting to look dated. We found a beautiful package deal at Fantastic Furniture called the 'Sorrento' which is a beautiful range which is white with a dark wood top. We didn't end up buying it then though, as when it comes to big decisions we are often quite indecisive! We still liked the range a few months later, and have recently taken the plunge and bought it! 

We decided on the 'Tivoli' 2-seater lounges in stone, the 'Sorrento' TV unit & coffee table and Brendan found a rug from Kmart which works perfectly. We are using a second-hand white table that we already had as a lamp table with a Kmart lamp, a second-hand butler's tray & table with a fake plant from Kmart, an existing vase with fake Kmart flowers, and some other Kmart items (noughts and crosses set & another fake plant) on the coffee table. The cushions were purchased from Pillow Talk before Christmas. We are so happy with how it's all come together! The last photo shows the before picture - it is now so much brighter and fresher! Perfect timing for when we put our house on the market soon, and then we can take our beautiful new items with us when we move!

It's so much fun doing a full room makeover! As much as I will miss my beautiful house (and my very first home, and the one I brought my girls home to), it will be fun to redo our rooms when we move!

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