Baking with kids - Making chocolate chip cookies

We enjoyed some baking here this morning! Miss M loves to bake, just like her mum. She has her own little apron and insists on wearing it (which is handy to keep her clothes free from spills!) I always have the ingredients for chocolate chip cookies, and this recipe has always been my go-to!

I'm not sure where the recipe came from but this version has been typed up in my recipe folder (click here to read about how I organise my recipes) so I can't give credit to anyone unfortunately! I choose to melt the butter in this recipe because it's a lot easier and quicker!

We added sprinkles today, just for fun! Miss M helped pour ingredients in, and stir, and she attempted to roll balls of cookie dough to put on the tray, but ended up eating a lot instead! That's always the most fun thing about baking - licking the bowl or spoon!

These cookies only take 10 minutes in a 180 degree oven, and I pull them out before they look done, because they continue to set once they are out, and this ensures they won't burn!

Yum! Time to enjoy one with a cuppa! Warning - these are NOT healthy, but are extremely addictive!!

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