A look in our craft box

I recently organised our craft box, which lives at the bottom of our linen cupboard. It was an absolute mess and therefore I rarely got it out for Miss M, because I could never find anything! I thought I'd take a few pics of our now-organised and easy to access craft box.

I have used lots of clear takeaway containers to organise like items together.

Below from L-R, top to bottom:

Pink ribbon, gold ribbon, blue ribbon, purple ribbon, green ribbon and red ribbon -

Glitter, coloured paddle pop sticks, stickers, paper stars, pegs and wool -

Pom poms, alphabet stamps, watercolours, paint brushes, paint and paint dabbers -

Large paddle pop sticks, scrabble letters, paper plates, tape, patterned paper, googly eyes, coloured paper, chalk and coloured pencils -

Tissue paper, pens/pencils and scissors, crayons, stapler, liquid paper tape, ink pads, ruler & cutter, textas, wood glue, glue stick, balloons and highlighters -

Here is everything in my large tub. It's easy to roll out and find items to use for craft!

I have also found a small tub perfect for Miss M's playdough and playdough utensils. The tub beside that holds her busy bag items - click here to read about what is inside each busy bag.

I love doing craft in themes, e.g. valentine's day, Christmas etc. and I use Pinterest and Google for their wealth of ideas. Often Miss M will see a craft on Playschool which she'd like to try - my Mum says I was exactly the same when I was her age!

[Top image from Google]

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