A teddy bears picnic!

My very good friend and I have been really enjoying designing theme mornings or afternoons once a month for our kids. In January we did Australia Day baking, in February we did Valentine's Day baking and craft, and this month we decided to do a teddy bear's picnic!

We had a look on Pinterest for some cute ideas for baking for kids. We found a teddy bear paw print cookie (from Our Organised Hive), and a cute cupcake topped with a tiny teddy. I made the cupcakes and cookie dough ahead of time, and the kids decorated them.

They looked so cute! The paw print cookies -

And the cupcake topped with a tiny teddy -

I set up a picnic rug out the back, and the kids all brought their teddies (and other favourite random animals haha!) and were very excited when the food came out!

They all especially loved the icing on the cupcakes!

I had borrowed some teddy bear library books, and my friend and I took turns reading to the kids - it's so good that they all love books!

 [ L-R: Miss M (2), Miss O (5 months), Mr E (3), Mrs C and Miss C (1) ]

It was such a pleasant way to spend a Saturday afternoon, and the kids certainly enjoyed themselves! Next month we are planning to do an Easter themed morning; can't wait!


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